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Bots, spammers and fake followers pose a serious problem for your Instagram profile. You should know what to do with them and how to get rid of them quickly, how to Protect Instagram account.

Bots and commercial accounts, how to find and protect your Instagram account from them

Bots, commercial pages & spammers are a headache for all bloggers who want to gain popularity on Instagram. Some time ago, users of this social network were fighting for the number of subscribers. Now this situation has changed, everyone is fighting for quality.

Instagram algorithms see these fake accounts, and if there are too many of them, then be prepared for the fact that your profile will not appear in recommendations, and you will be at the very bottom in your subscribers’ feed.

That is why it is worth ruthlessly getting rid of such accounts. Doing this manually is quite difficult, but, fortunately, there are other ways that will allow to get rid of unnecessary cargo in the form of bots, commercial accounts & spammers.

Who are spammers and bots?

It is worth figuring out who spammers and bots are. These are profiles that mimic the behavior of a real person, but are not such. They can like you, subscribe to you and even write comments.

When there are such monosyllabic comments as “Wow!”, “You have cool photos!”, “Super” under your photos, do not rush to respond to them with gratitude. About comments in the style of “subscription for subscription”, “get 1000 followers” is not worth talking about.

It is better to visit this person’s profile and look at his page. As a rule, fakes have information in their profile with an emphasis on sales. With their comments, they lure you to their page so that you can use their services.

Any bot can be recognized by next signs:

  • the profile name is a random set of letters & numbers;
  • there aren’t any photos in this profile;
  • a large number of subscriptions with a small number of subscribers;
  • there is no main profile photo;
  • there are a huge number of bots among subscribers.

If you notice such profiles among your Instagram followers, feel free to delete them.. This can be done manually or, for example, through a program such as Spamguard.

Who are spammers and bots

What are the dangers of fake accounts?

As mentioned above, spammers, bots and commercial accounts are very harmful for a real Insta profile. Yes, a large number of subscribers amuses your ego, but if they interfere with your promotion, then you should get rid of them quickly.

Instagram algorithms easily calculate fakes. If there are a lot of subscribers, but too few likes, comments are of similar type, and activity is low, then this account will be at risk. And if you have only a few photos at the same time, then the profile will come under close control.

Each account in Instagram has its own rating. If the difference between the number of subscribers and activity is greater, then this indicator is lower. If you have a low score, then you will lose positions in the algorithmic feed. This means that not all subscribers will see your posts. Sometimes the number of people who see publications can be below 20%.

Thus, you may have more subscribers, and fewer likes and comments. And this will happen because people simply do not see your photos in news feed and recommendations. That is why it is worth ruthlessly removing fakes from your subscribers.

Is it worth buying bots?

The times when the number of subscribers affected the popularity and success of an account are long gone. But some are still buying bots, there are several reasons for this:

  • they want to be on top;
  • they want to increase the trust of ordinary users;
  • they think that a large number of followers will be attractive to advertisers.

So – all this does not work! If you expect that you will buy fakes, and then start earning on your Instagram page – we are in a hurry to disappoint you. Advertisers have long learned how to detect activity in accounts and I will never order ads in a profile with a large number of subscribers and low activity.

In addition, cheating can cause many problems with the profile. Among them are:

  • account blocking – Instagram rules prohibit cheating subscribers. Violators can pay for both temporary blocking and deleting the profile without the possibility of recovery;
  • lack of real information – this is especially important for commercial accounts. It is impossible to count real people who can make a purchase. This can lead to incorrect actions that will cause serious damage to the business;
  • lack of promotion – fakes will slow down the page development, lowering you lower and lower in news feed and not allowing potential subscribers to see you.

How can I clear my profile from unwanted accounts?

Not only spammers, bots and online stores can be among unnecessary followers. Sometimes you want to protect yourself from some real people. It is important to know how to remove them from subscribers and prohibit viewing your publications.

How can I delete a subscriber?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow to simply delete a subscriber. But you can always block unwanted accounts by restricting their access to your publications and stories. How to do it?

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Click on “Subscribers” section.
  3. Find the profile that you want to delete among your subscribers.
  4. Log in to his account.
  5. At the top right, click on the options button (three dots) and select “Block”.
  6. A question will appear: “Are you sure you want to block this user?”. You should click on  “Yes, I’m sure” button.
  7. After that, confirm this action by clicking on “Rejected” button.

It’s done! You have blocked an unwanted profile that will no longer have access to your page.

It is important that the user does not receive information that he is blocked. He will simply stop seeing your photos and stories in the feed. And only when entering your profile, he will see an empty feed and the inscription like “This user has not yet published a photo”.

Of course, it is not difficult to block unwanted subscribers in this way. But this is only true if there are not enough of them. But if you should get rid of tens or even thousands of fakes, it is better to use special services, for example, Spamguard.

Spamguard is a service that gets rid of fakes

If you do not have the desire or time to Cleanse Instagram account from bots and spammers, then the best option is to use automatic programs. Perhaps the best such service is Spamguard. It is a program that will save you from unwanted subscribers without your participation.

Why automation is needed:

  • you will not have to constantly monitor your account, you will be able to spend more time on high-quality content, and not on blocking users and deleting comments;
  • account activity will increase, because even a dozen bots can greatly reduce engagement, and you will be at the bottom of your subscribers’ feed;
  • the number of notifications that can be incredibly annoying and even annoying will be reduced.

Among main interesting features of our service are:

  1. Clearing the account from foreigners. In Instagram, there are a lot of profiles registered far beyond the borders of Russia. If you are running a regular blog, then you may be interested in such accounts. But if you have a commercial account, then there will be no use from such followers. After all, it is unlikely that Juanes from Argentina will order a birthday cake from you, right? Using Spamguard service, you can see the number of foreigners among your subscribers, and with a breakdown by country. If you want, you can clear your account of them.
  2. Controlled manual cleaning. If you are afraid that your account activity will drop sharply after the removal of fakes, you can switch to the controlled manual cleaning mode. It can be limited the daily number of actions to gradually clear the profile.

Service Spamguard will do all this without your participation. And once a week you will receive a report on the work done by mentioned service. This report will contain information about all blocked accounts and deleted comments. After receiving this report, you will be surprised how many actions you managed to avoid using this service.

How to protect yourself from bots and spammers?

So, you have cleared your account of annoying spammers and useless bots. Engagement on a certain page has increased, activity has increased. How can I make sure that fake profiles do not appear in your subscribers again? Follow the following recommendations:

  • Remove Instagram bots and unwanted profiles. Between quantity and quality, it is worth choosing one latter. This way you will increase the activity on your page and be able to attract real people to it.
  • Visit closed account. If there is such an opportunity, go to the closed profile. This will save you from spam, bots and unnecessary profiles.
  • Don’t put hashtags. Do not use popular hashtags that attract spammers.

Instagram and work

Even if Instagram is not your job, it can seriously harm you in real life when looking for a job and even if you have already found a vacancy for a long time.

Recruiters, HR and even ordinary bosses now do not just conduct interviews with potential job candidates. They carefully study his social media accounts, so do not be surprised that they will know too much about you when you come for an interview.

There are often cases when a candidate was simply denied a vacancy due to “incorrect” profiles. And there is some logic in this – a person behaves much more honestly on the Internet than at an interview, where he tries to show himself only from the best side.

What should I do so that Instagram does not become an obstacle on the way to your goal? There are some tips:

  1. Before looking for a job, thoroughly clean your account. Yes, it’s a pity to delete precious photos. But believe me, weekly photos from drunks, too harsh statements, constant arguments in the comments – all this can be a reason for refusal.
  2. Can’t decide to clean the album? Then just make the profile closed and change your real name to some nickname. Don’t forget about removing the link from VK or Facebook.
  3. Add only those you know. The prospect of getting another subscriber is tempting. But what if this subscriber is a human resources specialist or your future boss?
  4. Carefully monitor your publications. Have you cleaned your account? Great, then it remains only to follow some published photos, carefully selecting the captions to them.

It turns out that it can be got rid of unwanted subscribers and comments without involving an SMM manager, even if your profile is mega-popular and thousands of people have subscribed to you. You will be able to cope with bots and spammers yourself, using our convenient service SpamGuard that will do everything for you.

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