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Throughout the 25 years, Amazon has risen and become the largest market leader and a global brand. Undoubtedly, Amazon has now become a worldwide name in online buying. To reach as many public members, this leading platform has raised its targeted audience to approach many public members. And it’s succeeding admirably because Amazon seems to have all facilities needed by everyone. Read more about the latest Amazon Statistics below.

Look out for this article to know about easy ways to earn profits on Amazon whether you’re seeking about selling items on Amazon and need ideas to begin your online e-commerce site. Below are the top five Amazon statistics you should be aware of in 2023.

Five Amazon Statistics 

Amazon’s Great Success

The success of Amazon is undeniable. In the U. S., Amazon ranks first among the most popular eCommerce application. Over 15.06 million users used Amazon in 2019. Plus. it is considered that there are still no eCommerce competitors of this huge platform. 

With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder that Amazon is now the most popular mobile retail property in the U. S. In September 2018, over 63 million individuals only used their mobile phones to browse Amazon Websites, making it the leading network for smartphone web visitors.

Amazon’s Customers Trust

According to a report of over 2000 US buyers, 89 percent of customers feel that Amazon is much more likely than other eCommerce websites to sell things. And there is no arguing that Amazon is the epicenter of online shopping. All who shop on Amazon regularly and almost every day. 

And the people who daily do shopping on Amazon, have true & trustworthy thoughts about Amazon as compared to its competitors. It is dedicated to providing customers with a reliable and consistent online buying experience. Amazon’s consumer trust is founded on clear and consistent brand awareness.

Amazon Income

As worldwide e-commerce sales continue to rise, that should be unsurprising that Amazon, as the largest global eCommerce platform, is going through similar success. According to the survey, the net revenue of Amazon in 2020 sales is about 7-2 billion dollars which is double the amount as compared to the previous year’s income. So, it is estimated that sales of Amazon are improving year to year. And we found that the most revenues come from North America.

Total number of Amazon Prime subscribers

The Amazon Prime subscription service system grows in popularity among online buyers. There seem to be 150 million Prime users as of April 2018, up from a hundred million in April 2018. Prime membership package of Amazon includes 2 days Free order delivery, movie, and music streaming, and several other things like that.

The most popular purchasing product categories are the US’s electronics, kitchen utensils, and clothes. In 2022, Amazon has updated many new features for Amazon membership subscribers. Now, this business expanded Prime perks to include free shipping when ordering from, which normally costs $14.99 a month.

The electronics category has been the topmost category purchased on Amazon by US customers. About 44 percent of users in the US buy electronics products. One of Amazon’s key assets is the wide choice of products it offers. That’s why it has now become a leading online retail platform that stands out against its online-selling competitors in 2022.

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