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Backyard Privacy Ideas:  5 Clever Ways to Improve Yours

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Being able to enjoy your backyard is an important part of having fun at home. Many people have been creating more of a backyard oasis, especially since there have been ongoing lockdowns and limitations on going out.

However, your home is usually very close to your neighbours’ houses. That means that they can see you and you can see them. There’s not much privacy.

Fortunately, you can take steps to change that. Here are 5 clever ways to improve your backyard privacy.

Use Large Planters to Create a Living Barrier

If you don’t have a fence, you might think about planting a privacy shrub. However, those can be expensive and take time to grow and create real privacy.

One shortcut to consider is to use large planters and fill them with tall grasses, flowers, or even small trees. You might be able to find miniature trees for sale in Stouffville, for example. Arranging these plants along areas where you want a bit of privacy can help you save time and money compared to other options.

Plant Trees

Trees are another natural privacy barrier, and they have the advantage that they also offer shade and possibly even fruit! It’s important to research the different kinds of trees so you plant varieties that won’t damage your home through too-wide roots.

If you live in the area, getting advice from an arborist in Bradford might be a good idea. They can help you understand what trees are best in that climate and grow quickly so you can get privacy as soon as possible.

There are also trees that are specifically useful for privacy. You can look for tree privacy in Mississauga or whatever city you live in. Fast-growing trees can get the height you need in just a few years then you can add your outdoor lighting in Toronto for aesthetics.

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Hang Curtains Around a Patio or Deck

Looking for some privacy and protection from the hot sun? Putting curtains up around your primary sitting area is a great, inexpensive way to create privacy while adding beauty and additional protection to your deck or patio.

You can keep it simple with rope or wire, or create a structure that sits over your deck that you can hang curtains and even lights from. This can give you additional functionality as well as privacy. You’ll be able to sit outside at night and protect yourself from sun and insects to an extent.

Create a Privacy Screen

A privacy screen is a smaller version of a privacy fence. Best of all, it’s moveable so that no matter where you’re spending time, you can give yourself a place where people can’t see you. For example, you can have it on the deck for a party and the next weekend move it down to give privacy to your above-ground pool.

You can use old doors to create your own privacy screen, or you can buy a pre-built screen. Multiple screens help you block off multiple directions of sight, giving you better solitude even in a large space with many neighbours.

Use a Trellis or Lattice Fence

A lattice fence or a large trellis can be a great way to block off a small sitting area and give you a sense of confidentiality in your own yard. Lattice and trellis can also help slightly reduce wind and ambient noise that might be in the area.

Having a privacy fence would be ideal but may not be practical. Building a lattice or repurposing a trellis is a good alternative.

Keep Prying Eyes Off Your Backyard

It’s not always feasible to have a large privacy fence around each side of your backyard. However, with these simple ideas, you can create additional seclusion and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy solitude, even in a large neighbourhood.

Enjoy more privacy today!

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