Girls Guide To Buying Human Hair Extensions

Last Updated on March 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

Ever thought about how celebrities get an instant hairstyle? Hair extensions are the secret to this. Whenever they have a special event, they use extensions to create the best hairstyle. Long healthy hair helps boost their self-confidence. It’s also a fact that having good, thick hair will make you look younger and more attractive. Some women have naturally thick hair, while some don’t. However, it’s not a big deal because the beauty industry has the solution- Hair Extensions

Buying hair extensions is simple, but you will need a guide to get the best extensions available in the market. First, know what you need, and then search the types of extensions, their pros, and cons. 

Why do you need hair extensions?

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, affects a large number of young women. Thinning hair is no longer a new hair issue; it is common in both men and women. Hair loss has a physical and psychological impact on an individual, and for some, the impact may be huge. The use of hair extensions can help alopecia victims to enhance their appearance and natural hair. They can rejuvenate their natural hair with real-looking human hair extensions.

What are the types of hair extensions?

If you check a hair company’s website, you will find various hair extensions with different hair textures, hair types, and application methods. However, here are the primary hair extensions that clients prefer to use. These hair extensions are used globally by women.

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are simple to use and can be customized for you. They are also available as a strand of contoured bits with a cloth or silicone base. This base has clips that you can attach to your hair at any moment. All you have to do is clip the bits into your natural hair! 

Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are semi-permanent and can be installed in less than an hour. These hair extensions are undetectable because they are small, invisible, blend well with your hair, and look natural. Tape-in hair extensions achieve a natural look even when used outdoors or in water. A tape extension and a single-sided adhesive tape are glued together with your hair in between. The application requires tapes, and they can last up to three months.

Micro-ring hair extensions

If you want high-quality natural hair extensions but don’t want to hurt your hair, the effect of micro ring extensions would make your hair look more beautiful and realistic. After looping the extension with your natural hair, the metal beads are clamped with pliers. You can style your hair right after all the micro rings are attached.

Weave hair extensions

Weave hair is applied by first braiding your natural hair into cornrows and then stitching your hair extension into them with a needle and thread. Weave hair extensions are perfect because they work on all hairstyles. It’s attached to the same-sized section of natural hair to make it fall naturally and give it a flawless appearance. This is the process in which each bundle of your hair is sewn together to ensure that all of your strands are of the same quality and texture. It can be applied without the use of heat or glue, resulting in less hair damage. They can, however, put pressure on your scalp if they are applied too tightly, and they can feel extremely heavy at times.

4 things to consider while buying hair extensions

Human hair Vs. synthetic hair

The first step is to be sure whether you want to purchase human or synthetic hair extensions. Human hair extensions are simple to style and can be styled in the same way as your hair. Furthermore, real human hair extensions are versatile, durable, and can withstand heat. Most synthetic extensions cannot withstand a lot of heat when exposed for a long duration. However, some synthetic hair extensions can withstand more heat. If you have enough budget, choose human hair extensions as they are versatile, durable, and natural.

Hair color and texture

When purchasing hair extensions, it’s important to know your hair color and texture. After all, you want the extension to blend in with your hair perfectly. Otherwise, choosing the wrong extensions can result in an unsettling look. So it’s crucial to purchase extensions that have color and texture similar to your hair.

Compare and verify 

It’s a smart move to compare various extensions before buying them. If you are purchasing from a local store, observe and feel all the products. If you are buying online, look for product reviews to ensure that the one you are getting is authentic. You can also get help from your stylist or inquire about the products from your friends who have experienced them.

Online shopping

When shopping for human hair online, it’s difficult to know which hair is worth investing in because you can’t touch and feel it. So, choose the product that is labeled Remy and virgin hair. Remy’s hair has cuticles aligned in the same direction, and they are tangle-free. Virgin hair is processed naturally without using chemicals, so they give your hair a more natural look.


Hair extensions are a perfect way to give your hair more volume and length while still making it appear healthier and thicker. They help alopecia victims revitalize their hair and help achieve stunning hairstyle for girls. Research before buying hair extensions to avoid an unsettling look when you wear them. Ensure that the extension looks flawless on you!

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