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Gojek Clone

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If you love investing in a business, Gojek Clone App is the impeccable choice that allows you to make huge profits with a one-time investment. Gojek like app enables entrepreneurs to host a wide range of services under a single platform.

For the start-ups and entrepreneurs who are yet to know about Gojek App, we brief it here.

Gojek App Introduction

Gojek App was launched by entrepreneurs in the year 2015 in Indonesia. Initially, it started with only 20 drivers offering taxi ride services. With the increasing demand in their business, Gojek started offering On-demand Deliveries and Services. Today, there is no single smartphone in Indonesia not carrying Gojek App. Such is the popularity of this Super App and have its presence in all Asian Countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines.

The App fame has been acknowledged by some of the bigger brands. The established brands like Visa, Google, Telkomsel, Facebook, Paypal, etc.

Offering multiple revenues through varied streams makes Gojek the most profit-making app compared to the single niche application.

Thus, witnessing the popularity of the Gojek Application, business owners are developing Gojek Clone App with customized features and functionalities suiting their business requirements.

What Makes Gojek Clone App Stand Out From Rest?

A user-friendly UI/US is responsible for offering seamless navigation. The Gojek Clone App architecture is constructed on advanced technology that ensures your future expansion hassle-free without you spending extra.

Additionally, the Super App has got New Features that take up your app to a whole new level. With no one to have these features, having implemented in your app will quickly scale up your business, allowing you to stand ahead in the business race.

Let’s elaborate on the features here.

  • Restricted passenger limit – The feature enables the driver to limit the passenger intake as per the latest COVID19 safety policies
  • Face mask verification – The driver has to upload the selfie ensuring that they are following the safety protocols
  • Ride cancellation – The driver and the rider both have the flexibility to cancel the ride
  • Safety checklist – A safety checklist is displayed to the rider while booking the taxi.
  • Safety reviews and ratings – Once the trip has ended, the app asks for safety ratings and reviews from the riders
  • Applying toll cost manually – The driver can apply the toll cost manually depending on the geographical location where the toll cost has been collected.
  • Taxi fare calculation 2 models – The app offers 2 ways to calculate the fares – Either the rider pays the estimated fare or pays according to the road traveled.
  • Store wise commission allows the admin to set different commission rates
  • Item name searching features allows the user to search items/food items from the menu as well as locate the stores/restaurants. It acts like a search menu but offers advanced-level search
  • 18+ Age confirmation is required for those who are buying stuff that is sold to 18+ adults
  • Voice instruction allows the users to put a voice note for the delivery driver if there is anything specific to take care of while delivering
  • Restaurants to upload kitchen pictures will allow the users to see how well the kitchens are sanitized, with all safety measures taking place.
  • Order cancellation option for delivery drivers features enables the drivers to cancel the delivery if they are unable to make it due to unfavorable circumstances
  • The OTP is generated to the user that is verified before starting the tasks/ride
  • The users get a graphical icon showing the real-time status of the orders and rides via in-app notifications.

Why Business Owners Should Buy Gojek Clone Script?

A Gojek Clone App offers business owners multiple benefits in Philippines.

If you are looking to kickstart your business, Gojek Clone Script can help launch immediately.

Building an application that is already a successful business model guarantees to earn you a wider customer base and profits from this one-time investment.

Get started right away, take advantage of ample opportunities available with this investment.

When approaching the Gojek Clone App Development Company research ahead of it. Plan your requirements of what kind of Gojek Clone you wish to develop – this includes in terms the technology stack, OS platform, features, design, revenue strategies, and so on.

The team of Gojek App Clone developers will understand the business needs and revert to a framework of the app project. You will be provided with the live demo to understand the complete workflow of the app.

Once you had your demo session, share your ideas and things you wish to customize and confirm the order with the app development company in Philippines.

There is a dedicated project manager assigned for your Gojek Clone App project. The manager will be taking care of the entire operations right from the start to the launch date. The project manager will be taking care of your queries, customization of the app, and so on.

With the preferred brand name, design, logo, language, currency, as well as in-app payment modes, the development starts working on white-labeling the script.

Once everything is completed and tested the app is all set for your approval. The team shows the working demo of your Gojek Clone App. Once you have given final approval, the team starts the process of launching in the Play Store and Apple Store.

In Conclusion

With an exceptionally build Gojek Clone App, the application is capable of handling limitless users. Thus, you can hassle-free scale up your business operations that reaps your increased profits quickly.

An app development company understands your ambitions for launching an app like Gojek. The company values the clients that invest their hard-earned penny. Thus the team assures to provide high-end customer support by making themselves available 24/7 for any technical support, bug support, and upgradation for a year at no added cost.

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