How can QR codes work at the KCON 2022

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Annyeonghasseyo, chingus! KCON will make its comeback stage this August 2022 in Los Angeles after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions, just in time for its 10th anniversary.

This year’s lineup includes NCT DREAM, ITZY, ENHYPEN, LOONA, and many more Korean acts, mainly from the 4th Generation of K-Pop.

KCON has used QR codes on their official teaser photos to route users to their official website.

How else can QR codes possibly function in the event with the best QR code generator online?

Innovative QR code use-cases for KCON

We have compiled nine ways that QR codes can be used during the much-awaited event:

1. Location guide

Event coordinators can use a QR code to lead the audience to their location app, where they can see the event grounds. It will make it easier for people to go to the venue.

The QR code can also show attendees to their seats and locations of other activities during the convention.

2. Exclusive photocards

You can’t be a K-Pop fan without knowing what a photocard is. Organizers can show an image QR code for a limited time, allowing fans to download e-photocards of their idols.

The QR code will flash while a group performs to let attendees and fans at home redeem exclusive photocards of their bias.

This is possible with a customized QR code software to show the band’s logo and get the audience even more excited to participate.

3. Setlist to playlist

Fans are excited to know the setlist of songs that their ultimate will perform onstage, and some then proceed to Spotify and make a playlist of these songs.

Facilitators can save fans from this hassle and use a Spotify QR codes to route attendees to a ready-made playlist with the songs a group has performed.

4. Lyrics with fan chants

Fan chants are popular in the K-Pop scene, and groups even release official fan chants every time they make a comeback.

Fans then chant these as they watch or sing along to their idols performing on stage.

If you haven’t memorized fan chants, a PDF QR code can help you out. You can scan it to have a song’s lyrics and accompanying fan chant on your device screen.

5. Lyric translations

If you’re an international fan, you may have felt jealous of Korean fans because they can fully understand the lyrics and appreciate its message.

KCON organizers can consider this and use a multi-URL QR codes that will route fans and attendees to different landing pages in the language detected on their devices.

This will help international fans enjoy the song in a deeper way.

6. Livestreaming

Not all fans have the opportunity and the luxury to buy tickets and go to the event. Luckily, live streams are available so that fans at home can still enjoy the event.

KCON can provide fans at home with QR codes that will route them to the event’s live broadcast.

7. Tickets

Ticket counterfeits are a threat; if they are not checked thoroughly, anyone can quickly enter the event premises to cause chaos or scam attendees.

With a bulk QR codes generator, coordinators at KCON can create multiple unique QR codes and add them to tickets as a seal of authentication.

Staff at entry points can simply scan the code with a smartphone to verify whether the ticket is authentic. Attendees will only get in once their ticket is checked.

8. Social media

Event coordinators can use a social media QR codes to encourage on-site and virtual attendees to follow their official pages across different social platforms.

Once they’ve followed, they can tag these accounts on their social media posts to promote the event.

9. Video highlights

KCON hosts can create supercuts of group performances and attendees’ reactions and embed them within a video QR codes.

This allows fans to enjoy the event’s highlights and reflect on their KCON experience.

QR codes for a daebak KCON experience

Now that QR codes have become widespread, it has truly gone beyond the simple use of scan and read. Each industry has its own specific use, and the entertainment scene has come up with its own creative QR code spins as well.

This coming KCON 2022, we can look forward to using QR codes to make things convenient for attendees and fans watching at home.

Do you have any other ideas on QR code use-cases for KCON? Let us know in the comments.

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