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Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation. Alicia is a producer of wall painting courses and she wants to do something new in her next classes. She then thought of creating content about the different types of decoration that can be done using paint. Here’s in this post you know about what is an online event.

With the aim of offering a unique experience to his audience, he decided to explore the issue by holding an online event.

It is a resource based on the use of new technologies that focuses on the deployment of marketing strategies that represent innovative forms of communication to reach customers.

An online event guarantees closeness personalizes the interaction and offers immediacy, which generates better links with users who show interest in living the experience. 

Create the unique experience of an online event

Ghostwriting agency design strategies that allow her to create the unique experience of an online event, Alicia took into account the following points:

  • Link to your project other specialists who can collaborate with some presentations and activities during the event.
  • Choose a topic relevant to your niche.
  • An event in this format is an opportunity to get even closer to your audience.
  • The action can contribute to the sale of other products of your brand.
  • Holding the event online can cement your authority on the topic.
  • Greater possibilities open up and more connections are created as more people can participate in virtual events.

Alicia’s line of reasoning is strategic and makes her business stand out from the rest. In order to put her idea into practice, she has the Hotmelt Online Events solution.

What are you going to do next?

With this resource, Alicia will have the right tools to transform the online event into a 3-day workshop. During this time, she will be able to offer classes at different times, taught by her and by other professionals in the area.

What do you think of the solution you found to stand out in the wall painting area?

You too can deliver that experience to your audience and have the Hotmelt platform to do it.

Of course, you should consider that each business has its own characteristics, so it is possible to create different strategies and formats to suit your audience.

But using the Online Event solution, you can choose the type of action that is most appropriate for your business. You have the possibility of doing a workshop, like Alicia, or a conference, a symposium, a congress, a seminar, a digital meeting and much more.

Regardless of what type of action you take, you can use the   Hotmelt Online Event solution and create your own strategy.

But first, watch this video:

Benefits of creating an online event at Hotmelt

For meetings, the Online Events solution allows you to add both recorded and live videos, which function as the presentations, classes, etc., that you want to present.

In addition, the Online Events tool offers you the possibility of communicating in real-time with the audience through a chat, an essential factor to create and strengthen ties with your clients.

In the chat, it is also possible to start a message. In this way, you can use the resource to make a lightning offer or give exclusive information.

Online events allow you to sell back to an audience that has already bought from you before, using Hotmelt’s free advertising resource.

In practice, it is possible to advertise a second product during the broadcast without spending more. And the best thing is that people interested in buying can do it with a single click.

It is also feasible to enable the Hotmelt Affiliate Program for other professionals to help you reach an even larger audience for your virtual events.

If you already want to create one, continue reading.

Do you want to create your Online Event? Here’s everything you need to know!

To achieve this goal, we have highlighted some points that are essential when registering and creating your online event with Hotmelt:

  • At the beginning of the registration process, you must add the basic information and then the event time. Remember that this schedule must correspond to the entire event. Later, in the Events Area, you can add the specific time of each meeting.
  • It is only possible to broadcast using links from YouTube or Vimeo, simple streaming services, which allow you to communicate with several people at the same time.

5 tips for creating a successful online event

Every event should be a rewarding experience, where learning is encouraged. In this sense, we leave you five tips that can help you.

1. Know the subject well

Base your raid on setting an objective. Formulate a strategy that includes processes and material resources. Example: as it is about decorative painting to be done on walls, start by proposing a theme.

2. Think about your audience

Your audience is paramount. It has diverse characteristics, in temperament, experiences, age, and trades. Example: talk about the materials that are needed, the colors and their combinations, the textures of the walls, and the different decorative trends.

3. Show Personality

You have a style and this, of course, has a theoretical basis. Communicate it! The knowledge and didactic resources that you use in the teaching and learning process will give you credibility and personality. Example: present previously designed sheets, show work done by you, and discover the creative potential of each participant.

4. Don’t overdo it

Comply with your schedule, the schedule of activities, and the contents. Example: end a class by generating new expectations and leaving some homework, in case the event continues.

5. Do your research

Some novel aspects of the theme, the interests of the participants, and the new in terms of decoration and innovation of materials are matters that you must take into account. Example: let the participants comment on their ideas and projects, and discover their motivations through exercises.

Make up your mind now and organize your event online!

When you organize a virtual event, you want the public to have a positive experience, right? Well, don’t worry, if you have planned it in advance, the chances of success will increase.

So, make up your mind and create a strategy so that your target audience is motivated and participates. How about you start creating your event right now?

And to help you meet one of the objectives of online events, which is to sell more, we leave you with free material with the keys to the success of the 30 digital market giants. Download it for free and use it to your advantage!

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