How to Make Your Bedroom Like a 5-Star Hotel Room?

Last Updated on November 26, 2022 by Faiza Murtaza

For a lot of people, the hotel design is the pinnacle of luxury, especially if we’re talking about 5-star hotels. However, this type of design is also associated with something extravagant and… well, expensive. Nonetheless, is there a reason why you shouldn’t try to introduce a hint of this experience to your own home? There’s nothing stopping you from recreating this unique experience in your own home. With that in mind and without further ado, here’s how you can make your bedroom into a 5-star hotel room.

1. Ceiling-to-floor drapes

The first thing you need to do in your bedroom is to find a way to control the light. You want to have the option to go from the complete illumination of the space (through ambient lights), all the way to complete dark (in order to enhance your ability to create melatonin). The best way to do so is to go for a ceiling-to-floor curtain. This texture (adding more fabric to the room, in general) will contribute to the overall feeling of being in a 5-star hotel room. By adding more textiles to the room, you can further enhance this impression. Speaking of which…

2. Dress your bed

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about a hotel bedroom is a massive bed as a focal point. By getting yourself quality bed linen, you will be able to completely transform this setting. You see, this is the outer layer of your bed, which means that you can use it in order to cover quite a bit. Now, in order to get a 5-star hotel room impression, you need to carefully choose the material. A feeling of luxury is not necessarily visual. A lot of time, the tactile sensation upon touching this with your bare skin will make all the difference.

3. Buy a carpet

People love walking barefoot across their bedroom floor. This is either because they just went out of the shower or for some other reason but what they really need is a warm, soft surface under their toes. You see, this is probably the main reason why you don’t see ceramic tiles in all rooms of your home – they’re cold and hard. Buying a wall-to-wall carpet can be an interesting idea for your bedroom but even just getting an area rug is something that can do the trick. Once again, this allows you to appeal to your tactile senses.

4. Get yourself some additional evening-ware

There are a lot of items that can enhance the feeling that you’re in a 5-star hotel without adding too much to the cost of this project. For instance, a sleep mask, an evening robe and some cozy slippers can already make a massive difference. Making your bed first thing in the morning and leaving a chocolate on the pillow is something that will take you barely 3 minutes. The impression, however, and the experience of a real hotel is something a lot more valuable. Also, you can get these items separately, thus spreading them even and making them easier on your budget.

5. Seating options

Other than just your bed, you need to have a couple of other features in order for this place to really resemble a hotel room. First of all, you might want to consider getting some chairs and an armchair (or ottoman) in order to create a proper seating area. When choosing, you should look for something that will go well with your bed. So, either look for a style/shape or upholstery that resembles it. Keep In mind that you want to try and make the room as symmetric-looking as possible. So, try to distribute these ‘extra features’ accordingly.

6. Keep it clean

Previously, we’ve mentioned making the bed first thing in the morning. Well, the main reason why hotel design is admired so much is the fact that it is always in mint condition due to vigilant housekeeping activity. Sure, you may argue that a hotel has a full-time staff to maintain the cleanliness of the place, however, you’re not running an entire hotel – you just have to take care of that one room. Compare the number of the housekeeping in an average hotel to the number of rooms/guests. Now, understand that it’s you and your partner against that one tiny room. In other words – no excuses are valid.

In conclusion

Now, the biggest downside of a hotel room is the fact that it’s made to universally fit everyone. The art, the colors and everything else is usually neutral or universal. However, both of these words are opposed to – unique and personalized. Fortunately, you’re not making a hotel room, you’re making a hotel-room-like experience and there’s a huge difference. This means that you have the privilege of making up for this downside and doing anything you want in your bedroom. The world is your oyster.

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