How To Master In Selecting Perfect Kitchen Tiles

Last Updated on February 3, 2022 by rida

The kitchen is the heart of your home that needs to have a beautiful interior. That is where you cook the four-time meal, and in open-kitchens, the dining is also set. So, that’s where you eat and cook; it’s probably the happiest part of a home. Then make it even happier with the right kind of kitchen tiles. It is the place where you can experiment a lot with tile designs. Even before deciding on the interior decoration ideas, selecting kitchen tile designs should be the foundation. You can incorporate several types of tiles for different applications in the kitchen. Doing this can enhance the space. 

While deciding the tiles’ design, you must know where it is going to fit according to the design layout. Along with it, considering the functionality also matters. For example, a kitchen tile backsplash that works well for the walls might not be suitable for the kitchen floor. That’s why it’s crucial to keep a balance between the aesthetics and functionality of the tiles. 

Here are some tips for mastering the selection of kitchen tiles 

Determine the placement of tiles

Before purchasing a particular tile, determine where you are going to install those tiles. The functionality of tiles may differ according to different types. Consider purchasing specific tiles for the kitchen floor, walls and cabinets. You can place a selection of kitchen tiles as a backsplash behind the stove. Porcelain tiles work well for the floor, while mirror tiles look good on walls. The selection of types should be changed according to varying sections of the kitchen.

Understand the difference between different tiles

It won’t work if you start working on the kitchen’s interior without knowing about different tiles. The ideal types of tiles include bamboo, vinyl, quarry, porcelain, ceramic, and glass for kitchens. Ceramic, vinyl, and bamboo are commonly installed in flooring. At the same time, porcelain, ceramic, and quarry are ideal for counters and floors. What about the glass tiles? They are reserved for backsplash and walls. Kitchen tile as a backsplash can enhance the voids or specific sections of the space. That’s the reason for using glass tiles for this purpose. 

Fix a budget: 

Some kitchen tiles may be expensive, like the custom-designed glass or ceramic tiles. Some are inexpensive such as vinyl tiles. So decide on a budget to plan a design layout that would be too expensive for you. When there is a fixed budget, it is easier to select the type of kitchen tiles and design layout to suit the expected expense.

Consider your lifestyle

Ceramic tiles are highly durable and are capable of holding up the heat from hot dishes. That is why people mostly prefer these tiles for countertops. However, the surface of a kitchen tile may get cracks, be uneven, or even get chipped if not installed correctly. So it is crucial to determine whether the finish of the selected tile will suit your family’s lifestyle or not.