How to Prepare Your Home For a New Roof
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The global roofing market is expected to reach $150 billion by the end of 2030. Exploring the option of installing a new roof is an exciting enterprise.

But, most homeowners need help understanding what to expect when it comes to roof installation. This short guide will give you all you need to prepare for a roofing installation.

Find a Roofing Installation Company

Before each new roofing installation project, the company will need to contact your primary project manager. The project manager will conduct of series of project rundowns.

Some cities will not allow specific maintenance permits under certain conditions. Make sure you receive the correct permits for parking and other work-related issues before beginning the roofing installation process. Cover all your bases before starting your roof replacement.

This will include the budgetary breakdown and the materials they need to finish the project. The contractor can communicate these budget and materials list before embarking on the roofing installation process.

Remove or Cover Attic Valuables

As the contractors and employees will spend a lot of time on the roof, removing anything valuable from the attic is essential. You might have a moment where construction workers need to enter the attic if there’s an emergency fix.

Covering or removing items prevents the possibility of workers damaging them for any number of reasons. They will continuously walk across the roof and make frequent use of nail guns and other tools. There is a possibility of debris or any loose items making contact with things in the attic.

Relocate Vehicles From Driveway

Unfortunately, your primary parking spot will need to relocate. Contractors have many tools and items they will need immediate access to before starting the installation process. It is tedious for workers to walk down the street to access their tools, which adds time to the roofing installation.

A massive amount of shingles and other materials will need unloading from the vehicles to the roof. Contractors will also need to park their dump trailers and other trucks they need close to their working area.

Move Outdoor Furniture and Grills

Workers will continuously throw older shingles and other materials to the ground. If you have any outdoor furniture or grilling stations nearby, now is an excellent time to move those away from the work area.

Plywood and other tarps will cover the plants and yard, covering any out for space. But, it’s harder to protect surfaces when the furniture and grills take up so much space.

The debris can damage these items as well upon falling. It also prevents workers from encountering hazardous materials while carrying essential items.

Cut Grass and Prune Trees

Tree branches can create a hazard zone for workers when pulling old shingles from the roof. These trees need trimming before workers climb onto the roof to begin working. Workers can have clothing clipped to the branches.

The longer the grass, the more hazards you create when contractors are dropping shingles as well. If you have shorter grass, this will prevent fallen debris from seeping into your lawn. Mowing will quicken the clean-up process and cause less stress for your workers.

Locate and Prepare Power Outlets

Roofing installation companies usually do not have an electrics department that caters to their power needs. They will rely on the electricity you provide from your home. Make sure you identify all power outlets and test them to see if they are working.

Contractors prefer exterior outlets to ensure a seamless roofing installation process. But, the garage outlets will suffice if there are no exterior outlets available.

If no exterior outlets or garage outlets are available, contractors will need to make space for extension cords. These extension cords may run through an opening of a window or accessible space from inside your home. It’s important to choose a spot for the extensions cords that will not create tripping or falling hazards for the workers.

Satellite Dishes and Antennas

With high-speed internet devices taking over entertainment systems, the world of satellite dishes and antennas is diminishing. Some roofs contain non-functioning satellite dishes. Roofers are happy to remove these items if that’s the case.

But, if there are satellites for international networks, please remove them beforehand. This can create hazards for your roofing team. Schedule an appointment before scheduling your roofing installation service.

The satellite or cable provider can send their workers as well to come and remove any items. Once they that may cause harm to workers.

Communicate With Neighbors

Roofing and other maintenance services can cause a lot of noise in the area. If you are in a more condensed area, let your neighbors know. Give them a schedule or a clear timeframe where the workers will enter the area. This will allow them to anticipate noise and parking issues.

Some neighbors may contact the authorities if they are unfamiliar with the noise during the roofing installation process. Make sure you communicate with neighbors to prevent any further confusion.

Keep Animals and Children Away

Many adorable animals may become scared or confused when the contractors begin working. This amount of noise can stress out any animal. It can also prevent any accidental incidents between animals and workers as well.

Unassuming children may also play or move around work areas that can also create dangers for workers. A good suggestion is to keep both children and animals away from the work areas, preventing any work accidents or injuries to both parties.

Prepare Your Home for Roofing Installation

Roofing installation is a hectic process if you do not prepare for what’s to come. Make sure you keep your family and pets safe before you embark on the roofing installation process.

Preparing to reduce hazards for both your family and the workers simplifies the process. Things such as keeping exits secure so no one opens doors on ladders or removing bulky items can keep the area safe. Communicate with your roofing installation company so they can help guide you to a better workplace.

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