How Can We Stop Chrome From Blocking Downloads

In this article, you will get to know about all the possible ways to stop chrome from blocking downloads and the reasons behind the blockage.

Google Chrome:

First of all, we should know what is the purpose of using google chrome? Google chrome is a server that helps us to open different websites on our mobile or computers with access to the internet. We can say that it is used to excess almost everything present on the internet. Nearly every website is approachable with the help of google chrome. Its date of release is September 2, 2008. Many other servers are released after it, but it is still the most renowned one.

Programming languages:

  • These are the programming languages on which we can work through google chrome:
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • HTML
  • Python
  • C
  • C++
  • Assembly language

Operating systems of chrome:

  • Operating systems of chrome are as follows:
  • Android
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Chrome OS
  • Microsoft windows
  • macOS
  • Windows xp,7,8, and so on

The monogram of google chrome is:

Causes of blocked downloads by google chrome.

Now, we will discuss a few reasons which cause google chrome to stop the downloads we want. These are:

Malware:  The file we are trying to download may contain some virus. This virus can cause changes to our mobile or computer, laptop, whichever device we are using at that time. This virus can also delete some of our essential data without granting any sort of permission or without warning.

Unwanted: This occurs when we try to download something from a source that is not free or licensed.

Now as we know the main reasons for a blockage, so we can prevent this by using authenticated sources and safe sites.

Methods to stop Chrome from blocking downloads:

Now we will discuss some of the methods that we can use to prevent our downloads from blockage. These methods are:

Safe Browsing Feature:

This problem can be treated by simply turning off the Safe Browsing Feature that is already present in the settings. All we have to do is to turn it off. This will work in two ways. It will only allow your mobile or computer to open safe sites which do not contain any harmful viruses or something like that. Sometimes, there is no harm in the file, but google still blocks it. This can also be treated by simply turning off this feature. We can either turn it off permanently or temporarily. Either way, we can change our settings whenever we want. We can play a trick in this way: turn it off, download the file, and turn it on again.

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Download Blocker:

In order to resolve our issue, we can take help from the download blocker. Google blocks some downloads by the source of their origin. Like some websites are specified to a region. These websites cannot be opened in other countries. So, google blocks them. All we have to do is go to settings, after the advanced languages option, there is an option of download blocker. We can disable it to work.

Ways to stop download blocking on windows 10:

Windows 11 is also released, but most users are still using Windows 10. So here we will tell you the methods that are helpful in stopping chrome from blocking your downloads. Over time, advanced technologies have surpassed the old technology, new applications have been made to help us. There is a convenient app that may be helpful in windows 10 to overcome this problem.

My Lockbox Software:

As we know, it is a separate application. So we have to install it first on our device. We can easily download it from the play store on our mobile or computer. After installation, you have to provide a unique password and a recovery email. The only disadvantage of this app is that it is free up to a specified limit. If you want to secure all of your important documents or whatever data you have, you have to pay a little amount for its extra efforts.

The main advantage of using a lockbox is that you can easily save all your essential items in a secured folder. In case of any mishap like a virus entering your system, it will be improbable to cause any harm to your reserved items. Google Chrome will be free to download everything from all the websites you require.


  • Why does chrome block my downloads?

The file may contain some virus that can make changes to your computer.

  • How to install download blocker?

There’s no need to install it. It is already present in your system. You just have to turn it on.

  • How to stop chrome blockage on android?

Just go to the settings and turn off the safe browser feature.


Virus is the most common cause of this problem. That is the cause   of blocking of downloads by google chrome. We can resolve this problem efficiently by changing the settings of our device.


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