Integrating SMS As A Marketing Channel For Your Shopify Store

SMS can be a valuable marketing channel for your online store. SMS can build your brand, encourage repeat customers, and provide customer support when done correctly. These reasons should convince you to send SMS text messages from your Shopify store. Read on to learn more about the benefits of SMS marketing. After all, you’re already using it for other purposes, so why not use it to boost your business?

Messages can encourage customers to come back.

Emails are an effective way to connect with your customers and create a lasting impression. However, they must be well-crafted and add value to the customer’s experience or risk losing them. According to Shopify data, email is the top conversion channel, followed by search. Messages can be tailored to each customer segment. For example, you could thank repeat customers with an automated email. Alternatively, you can message one-time shoppers to remind them of your shop’s special offer.

Messages can be part of a comprehensive marketing plan. The purpose of these messages is to tempt people to click on your website and make a purchase. They can also be tailored to your existing customer base, helping you maintain relationships and improve your chances of successfully retaining customers. The message content should be well-crafted and contain all the relevant information to keep your customers coming back. Messages can also be tailored to your customers’ needs, offering them more options when buying from your store.

They can be a brand-building channel.

Among the many ways to build your brand online is through SMS. While email marketing and social media can do this, SMS is particularly effective for e-commerce stores. It allows you to segment your subscribers based on their buying history, including their total spend and last order date. And while email marketing platforms require considerable effort and time to create templates and campaigns, text marketing platforms offer unlimited personalization and require very little effort.

As with all forms of marketing channel, SMS can build brand recognition and create loyal customers. For example, if you’re an e-commerce store, you can start by creating a list of compliant opt-in sources and turn on transactional messages like order confirmations and shipping updates. Then, launch basic marketing flows, such as a welcome series for visitors to your store or an abandoned cart welcome series. Finally, clearly explain why you’re using SMS to build your brand in each of these messages.

They can be a channel for customer support.

SMS can be a great customer service channel in your Shopify store. With a little customization, you can set up a message to reply to a customer via text message. You can also set up a form to collect a user’s contact information at the beginning of the chat. Moreover, if you want to customize the messages you send to your customers, you can create templates and auto-responders for those occasions when you need them.

Using SMS marketing as a customer service channel can help your business grow. It allows your customers to send pictures as proof of damaged or faulty products. Besides, you can even send images to your customers for troubleshooting. One of the biggest challenges in e-commerce is receiving feedback from consumers, and text messaging offers them a low-energy way to do so. It will help you improve your store rating while providing better customer service.

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They can be a channel for marketing.

There are many benefits to using SMS as a marketing channel for your Shopify store. First, you can easily capture customers’ phone numbers. Many store owners choose to offer a 10% discount for providing their phone number. There are other ways to nudge them into opting for your SMS marketing campaign. SMS is easily integrated into your Shopify store with a mobile SMS provider, and numerous apps are available to capture phone numbers.

Compared to emails, SMS messages have higher open and click-through rates. Moreover, customers are more likely to trust marketing messages received via SMS because of their accessibility. With this in mind, SMS marketing allows e-commerce owners to set up live chats powered by SMS. Agents are available to answer any questions and interact with shoppers. This approach lets e-commerce owners personalize their customer service and keep messages relevant to their customers’ needs.

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