Is the access control card safe?

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmed

A small access card is related to the safety of residents in the community. But recently, a media survey found that the access card can be copied at will in the key shop, and the whole process only takes a few minutes. In addition, e-commerce platforms are also selling various access card copying devices. The access card that looks very safe actually has a “pit”.

Intelligent access control turnstile gate manufacturer- Mairsturnstile, also said that electronic magnetic card access control is an old verification method. Now some advanced intelligent access control systems have used fingerprint identification, face recognition identification, QR code identification, etc. These biometrics are integrated into the turnstile gate and work perfectly. If you are worried about security, you can choose the intelligent access control system of biometric technology, “the price is not expensive. If you install two advanced intelligent access control security turnstile systems in a community, it will not exceed 10000USD.”

On the one hand, it does not rule out the normal demand of owners who need to make up for the lost access card, and the cost of making up for the card outside is usually lower than that of making up for the card in the property management office of the community. But on the other hand, if the relevant replication equipment is used by people with ulterior motives, the security management of the community is also a hidden danger. At present, the state has no clear laws and regulations and management norms on the supervision of the reproduction of door ban cards, and there is no basis for the punishment, which leads to the hidden breeding of this phenomenon.

In addition, the property management of the community should also avoid the idea of making money by using the access card, and try to provide more low-cost replacement services for the community residents. Furthermore, the community property management should also strengthen the management, using high-level security products to plug the replication loopholes from the technical source. For example, a community with a high level of management, through the access to the local public security department’s ID card and face recognition system, allows residents to brush their faces directly in and out of the community, while foreign personnel in and out of the community need to pass the dual authentication of ID card and face recognition, so that the management can make the community more secure.

No need to worry too much about the security of intelligent access control

Even if the smart access card can be easily copied, I think the security of the smart access card can be guaranteed. “The development of access control has gone through several generations. Electronic access card is an early product. Now through biometric identification, such as fingerprint, palmprint and iris, the security and non replicability of access control will be greatly improved.”

In addition, the intelligent access control system is not only used as a “door”, it also has many derivative functions. In addition to identifying the identity of people, intelligent access control system has been given many new functions in recent years. According to the introduction, today’s intelligent access control system can reflect the data of people’s access frequency, behavior characteristics and whether they stay at the gate of the community.

In addition, there have been some additional features in recent years. For example, the intelligent access control system can specially record the time of the elderly living alone in and out of the community. If there is an abnormal situation, the system can also push it to the relevant personnel. “From the beginning to identify the access rights, to the later behavior monitoring, and to some social services, the intelligent access control system has not only played the role of the door.”

Now most of the community, although the electronic access card can also be used, but most young people use the way of scanning code to open the door. “If it becomes more popular to scan QR code in the future, electronic access cards will be gradually banned.”

According to the introduction, the two-dimensional code can be updated in real time. Compared with the primary mode such as electronic magnetic card, the two-dimensional code has a higher safety factor. “It’s a sound way to open the door in the way of two-dimensional code, and the password can be changed anytime and anywhere. In addition, even if the two-dimensional code is copied, it is easy to find out where the two-dimensional code is leaked. At the same time, even if the two-dimensional code is copied by NFC and other technologies, because the two-dimensional code has a validity period, the two-dimensional code copied in a short time will be invalid.

Smart city does not need the role of people at all. With the gradual improvement of intelligent technology, as long as the community managers have the heart, they can improve the security of the community as much as possible. At the same time, even the system with the highest safety factor also needs the mixed management of human role. “Intelligent access control is very objective and fair. If it does not meet the entry standard of intelligent access control, the access control system will not let people in. It is more selfless than the security guard. But it’s not as flexible as people. People in front of it swipe their cards, and people behind them follow. It still needs to be identified manually. “