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People ask questions like, “Is there truly any trimmer out there that is used for balls?” Well, yes, there is. Whether you are looking for something that is a lot more practical or you think that it’s time to upgrade from the old one, Menhood has made things a lot easier for users. 

You can get a great-quality Menhood trimmer for shaving the nuts and for other regions. The original version of Menhood trimmer was great, but after a few changes and innovations, it has become better than before!  

That’s why they decided to upgrade their Menhood grooming trimmer from 1.0 to 2.0. So, the question here is, how different are these two versions of the Menhood grooming trimmer? Well, you will learn about both these versions below.

Taking A Look Back The Features Of Menhood Trimmer 1.0

Before you check out the Menhood grooming trimmer 2.0, you must check out the features, which the previous version had in-store! 

Dual Mode

The ball trimmer 1.0 from Menhood will allow you to groom yourself without the need for a cord. This means you can use the ball trimmer wireless. 

Simple Design

The design of this ball trimmer from Menhood is pretty simple and has a compact shape for easy maneuvering, even when it’s wet. It is also pretty easy to use because it creates low vibration and noise. 

Replacement Blade

The Menhood trimmer version 1.0 comes with a replacement blade designed for grooming a man’s most-sensitive regions. You can cut through the thick or coarse hair with confidence without any fear or worry.

Completely Waterproof

This Menhood trimmer is completely waterproof, which gives you the chance to do some shaving in the shower. The trimmer is IPX7 rated, and it will protect against the immersion of water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The Menhood Trimmer 2.0: What’s New?

The Menhood Trimmer 2.0: What's New?

You are now well aware of Menhood trimmer 1.0 and its features. Now, let’s check out the 2.0 version and what features it carries. 

Wireless Charging

The 2.0 version of the Menhood trimmer has a wireless charger. This is surely an upgrade from the 1.0 version. Having a wireless charger makes it a lot easier to use, and it’s also pretty hygienic because you don’t have to plug the device into an electrical socket. Just place the trimmer on the docking station, and you’re pretty good to go.

4K LED Spotlight 

LED Spotlight is light, the newest addition to this particular trimmer. You can easily get all the hair that needs to be trimmed, and extra light provides you with a smooth and easy. The coolest thing is that you don’t have to bend your head to get the trimming work done with this LED Spotlight. 

Trimming Body Improved

The Menhood trimmer 2.0 has an ergonomic design, making it easier to use. The texture of this particular trimmer is pretty smooth so that you can hold it even when it’s wet. 

Power Indicator LED Display 

This display will let you know when exactly this Menhood trimmer is charging, when it’s required to be charged and when it’s fully charged. You will also come across a battery life indicator that will light up instantly when you switch on the device. 

2nd Generation Power Circuit 

The Menhood trimmer comes with a 2nd Generation Power Circuit. It will allow you to use the device for many hours, while it is fully charged. But the coolest thing about this power circuit is that it will stop the trimmer from getting overcharged. Once the battery percentage reaches 99, the circuit will stop charging immediately. 

Compact Blade Head

In the 2.0 version, the blade head of the device is shortened, and it means that you don’t have to move the device from one side to another frequently. The small head will allow you to shave off the private area quickly and effectively. 

Battery Performance Have Been Upgraded

Without a doubt, the battery of this device is completely 100% waterproof. This is one of the biggest reasons this Menhood trimmer takes little time to charge. A single charge will last for about 1.5 hours, and within that time, you can use the Menhood trimmer several times without any worry. 

Version 1.0 or Version 2.0: Which Is The Best?The Menhood trimmer has been one of the best creations of Menhood. Both 1.0 and 2.0 are extremely good and will deliver outstanding performance. The only difference is that the 2.0 version has some new and upgraded features, which provide a unique experience to all the Menhood users. So, the next time you clean your nuts, make sure you get this trimmer from Menhood to get the deed done. It will be worth every penny you spend.

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