Minecraft Snapshot

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The world’s most popular sandbox game, Minecraft, is introducing a brand new Minecraft Snapshot that has included enhanced changes to the Minecraft Mace and is bringing about a brand new mode called Ominous Trials along with new armor trims and updated mob effects that will enhance the gameplay experience. 

In case you are wondering what Minecraft Snapshots are, they are “testing” versions of Minecraft that have “unrefined” features that players can try, test out, and provide feedback and bug reports to Mojang Studios, the game’s developer. They are available only for the “Java Edition” of the game, i.e., the original PC version.  

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Brand New Details on The Minecraft Mace and Enhancements 

The latest Minecraft Snapshot, titled Minecraft Snapshot 24w13a, has brought enhancements to the Minecraft Mace weapon, which was introduced back in Minecraft Snapshot 24w11a, where the Minecraft Mace was one of the most overpowered weapons in the game, and it introduced a brand new mechanic related to the use of it. If the player is falling and uses the mace on an enemy, the damage will be bigger and cause a knockback effect while canceling out fall damage. 

The Minecraft Snapshot 24w13a brought about balancing adjustments to the Minecraft Mace as well as enhancements to the weapon where players can apply Mending, Unbreaking, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Fire Aspect, and Curse of Vanishing effects to the Minecraft Mace. 

The studio also introduced three new unique enchantments for the Minecraft Mace that are Density, Breach, and Wind Burst, and the weapon itself has received improvements to its knockback effect, such as increased power and range. 

Minecraft Ominous Events 

Introduced in the latest Minecraft Snapshot and the latest Minecraft 1.21 Update, Ominous Events include Bad Omen-induced pillager raids and the newly introduced Ominous Trials, which will be the final addition to this content release. 

There are two types of Ominous Events introduced in the game, with the first one being Village Raids. This was a separate event that has existed since the Village & Pillage update was introduced in Minecraft, and it will now fall under the Ominous Events category. They are now triggered by a player entering a village with a Bad Omen status effect, and once entered, the Bad Omen turns into a Raid Omen, which will expire soon, and the Raid will later begin. 


Ominous Trials is the second type of Ominous Events where players head into a trial chamber with the Bad Omen effect in place. Once the player is within the range of a trial spawner, it will become ominous and convert your Bad Omen to Trial Omen and the Minecraft Ominous Trial will start. 

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