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The permanent visa Australia, is for those who want to live in Australia forever. This visa, is for those, who have secured a job offer in this country. Now, there are various ways, in which a candidate can get the permanent visa Australia by having a job offerin this countryIt can be by having a 187 visa or by 186 visa or by 190 visa. The Regional Skilled Migration Scheme visa(187 visa) for Australia permanent residency for Indianof this country is given to those who have the, job offer from provinces but only from certain specified regions in such provinces. The candidate can get this visa through two streams which are applicable for it:

  • Temporary residence transition stream: This stream is applicable to those, who have lived in any of these provinces and has worked here. The candidate should have worked here on either the 457 visa or the 482 visa. 16 months elapse before a candidate is given this visa.. Now, the 482 visa is only given once the candidate has been able to get a job in the occupations of the Short Term Skilled Occupation List or the medium and long term skilled strategic list. So, a candidate could have been living on this visa in Australia for 1 year or as long as 4 years. The 457 visa is no longer in existence now, but the candidates who are living in Australia on this visa are eligible to get the employer backing for the 187 visa.
  • Direct entry stream: This allows the PR in Australia to all those who have, job offer from an employer in regional Australia, however they have never stayed in Australia.
  • The 186 visa also grants PR to the candidates who have a job offer in Australia. However like in the case of 187 visa, they should have either stayed in some province of Australia or have an employer ready to back them up for this visa. Apart from this condition, such candidates should don’t have the condition of getting the employment offer from an employer in regional Australia mandatory for this visa, it can be anywhere in Australia.

The other requirements for getting the 186 and 187 visas are:

Skill assessment report for Permanent visa Australia:

The candidate should be able to show that he has really worked in his home country for 3 years. This experience can only be proved with a genuine skill assessment report. This skill assessment report is however only mandatory once a candidate wants the Australia PR Visa as the Direct Entry stream. For candidates who have worked in Australia, no skill assessment report is needed. This skill assessment report is only eligible for 3 years and once the candidate has been able to get this report and has an employer ready to back him up, he should apply for the Australia permanent residency for Indian visa as soon as possible.

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