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Photo booths have become a common feature of weddings over the past few years, and with good reason. They offer a creative way to fill time during cocktail hours, get old friends reacquainted, and offer guests permanent memories to take home with them. 

If you are looking for a photo booth rental in the Bay Area, consider Selfie Booth Co for your next event. Their fun, high-tech features and customizable packages will ensure you provide your guests with hours of fun. 

When planning a wedding event, there are a few things to think about to make sure you get the best photo booth rental experience possible. You will want to consider your event theme and ask your rental company about what wedding packages and add-ons they offer. Overall, with a bit of planning, you will find that photo booth rentals are a great way to keep guests engaged at wedding events. 

Make your wedding photo booth rental count

Before you finalize your wedding photo booth rental, consider a few things to make sure you get exactly the experience you envision for yourself and your guests.

Consider your event theme

This is a question you should ask yourself before you even start speaking with rental companies. What kind of event experience do you want for your guests? Weddings can be small and intimate or have hundreds of people and span multiple days – and the activities you provide should be tailored accordingly. Like people and events, photo booths come in all shapes and sizes. A few common types are closed booths, open-air booths, and selfie mirrors, and each one lends itself well to a different tone of your event. 

Closed photo booths are likely what you picture when you think of a traditional photo booth experience. Guests take their props and climb into the booth in small groups. This can lend an intimate or romantic appeal for weddings since couples can take photos together. But the size can be limiting and preclude group photos. 

Open-air booths, in contrast, have no actual booth box. They are a standing background with an external camera where users crowd in front of the background to take their photos. This setup is better for large group photos, so if you have a big wedding where you might want to take a lot of group photos with family members, college roommates, etc., an open-air booth might be your best bet. 

Finally, selfie mirrors usually prioritize social sharing rather than printing photos. Most selfie setups are smaller and better suited for individual photos or pair photos. Most selfie mirrors send the photos right to social media or the user’s phone and, therefore, don’t always come with a photo printer. There is no right answer to what kind of booth you choose, but it’s important to know the differences and think about what tone you want to set for your event.

Consider your event theme

Ask about wedding packages

Once you have an idea of the type of setup you want, you should communicate with your rental company about what packages they have to serve your needs. The props you offer can be a big part of the experience. If you are having a beach-themed wedding, for example, you might want to offer beach balls, sunglasses, and other tropical props for your guests. Some companies offer wedding-specific props or add-ons – and some packages won’t include props at all – so it’s important to know whether you can get props to match your theme/decor or whether you will have to provide your own. 

Another thing to keep in mind is whether your rental package comes with an attendant. If it’s your big day, you might not want to have to deal with booth setup, operation, and tear-down. In this case, it might be helpful to opt for an attendant who can run the booth for you and stand by in case of technical issues. If you aren’t getting an attendant, make sure you understand how to run the equipment, so you can show guests how to use it. 

Explore advanced features

What really sets certain photo booth companies apart from the rest is the advanced technology they employ to create some really cool, modern photo-taking experiences. This can make a traditional photo booth experience more engaging for your guests. For example, most packages these days come with greenscreen technology rather than physical backgrounds. This allows guests to choose their virtual backgrounds. Some companies also offer editing technology so users can essentially airbrush themselves or even add stickers and other animation to their photos.

Another modern setup is a full 360-degree virtual reality (VR) experience. These booths allow users to enter into a virtual world and interact with it via headsets while they’re inside the booth. Meanwhile, guests standing outside can see the VR selfie experience on external screens. This technology lends itself well to fun features like GIF animation and slow-motion capture, so your photo booth rental levels up to a creative VR experience. Ask your rental company about the latest technology they offer to offer your guests a modern, exciting photo booth experience. 


Wedding guests will love a photo booth to take pictures and even create GIFs and videos to remember the event. As you plan your event, consider the event theme and the different packages and technology available to you to maximize your experience. 

When renting a photo booth in the Bay Area, we recommend Selfie Booth Co because they use the most modern setups with fun add-ons and props for a rental experience that stands out. They also offer customizable wedding packages, so you can get just what you want out of your event. 

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