Signs of Pre-wedding Jitters and Ways to Tackle Them
Signs of Pre-wedding Jitters and Ways to Tackle Them

Last Updated on May 6, 2024 by Umer Malik

Pre-wedding jitters are totally normal. People across the world experience them. It does not matter whether you are marrying someone you have known through a matrimonial site or common friends, cold feet are a natural course. Even if you know that you are making the right decision, you still feel nervous. You might be riddled with questions that will make an appearance in your head a little ahead of the big day. If it causes you to panic, do not worry. It may just be a sign of nervousness. 

Having trouble spotting the signs? Here are a few signs to prove you have pre-wedding jitters:

1. You start questioning everything 

What if I am making a mistake? What if I am not ready? What if it is too soon? These are some of the questions that may swarm your mind a few days before the wedding. It is completely normal to feel this way. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. So it is only natural for you to have these questions and to feel anxious. Of course, it is a good thing to think this way, but do remember that making a big decision to marry someone doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it later down the line; if you no longer feel the same way, things change between you, or you simply drift apart, you don’t have to remain unhappy. It happens.

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2. You experience mood swings

At one moment you are extremely happy but the next moment you are upset. The reason could be that you are constantly thinking about what your life will be like after marriage. Overthinking can often lead you to believe things that could never happen. Cold feet can also do this to you.   

3. You start fighting about wedding planning

Planning a wedding is stressful. There are many decisions involved that cost large sums of money and approval of elders in the family. With the mounting pressure, if things do not go your way, it could lead to arguments and disagreements. These fights have also led many couples to doubt their ability to handle fights post marriage. But what wedding has no fights? 

4. You start ignoring your partner

Getting married can cause big changes in your life. The nervousness that follows this thought can make you ignore your partner. Avoiding their calls, messages and finding reasons for not meeting them are some of the common side-effects of the jitters. 

While spotting the signs of pre-jitters is half the battle won, resolving them is the other half.  There are ways to combat the pre-wedding anxiety. Once that is done, toh bas phir to doli uthne ki der hai.

How to tackle pre-wedding jitters? Here are some ideas: 

1. Communicate with your partner 

If you are feeling anxious and feel the nervousness creeping up on you, talk to your partner. Take a break from the wedding talk and go on a date, a bike ride or even dinner with friends. When you start having a great time together again, you will be reminded why you decided to marry this person in the first place. It may calm your mind and assure you further of your choice. 

2. Keep yourself busy

The best cure for an anxious mind is to be active. So, join a gym, play a sport, do yoga, attend a dance class, to keep yourself busy and rid the tension building up in your body. A better physical state can lead to a better state of mind. The plus side is that when you get yourself some workout, you will look better at your wedding. 

3. Follow a balanced lifestyle 

People often forget the importance of following a healthy lifestyle amidst the wedding preparations. How are you going to participate in planning your special day if you don’t eat right or get enough sleep? So, make sure that you eat healthy, get the right amount of sleep and try to have a positive frame of mind. You will be well-rested which will help you think with a clear mind and plan the wedding better minus the anxiety. 

4. Get some perspective 

Talk to friends who have been down this road. Ask them how they dealt with it. Don’t hold back. They can help you feel assured with their voice of experience.  

A lot of times, getting cold feet is just a reaction to stress that comes with planning the wedding. And planning is no easy task. Only Aladdin’s Genie could do it without breaking a sweat. So, you do your best, keep your friends and family close and things will go as planned. You might end up laughing about it after a few years.

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