Role of Mobile Technology in Transportation Management

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Mobile technology is taking over our lives, and it’s not just for social media. The way we get from point A to point B is changing as well. Get the latest on how transportation Companies managers are using mobile devices in their work!

You work long hours. You have a lot of responsibilities. You’re in charge of major projects, but the last thing you want to think about at the end of the day is how to get from point A to B safely and efficiently. That’s why editors at TDM Encyclopedia spent months researching the latest developments in mobile technology for transportation managers.

You’ll find all you need to know about using smartphones, GPS, trackers and fleet management software to make your life easier. You’ll also get tips on developing a solid mobile strategy—and how to avoid the dangers of distraction while driving!

Most importantly, you can use this special report to convince your boss to give you the resources you need to improve your fleet of vehicles and logistics.

This white paper includes:

What is mobile technology? Why does it matter in transportation management? What are some ways that I can use tracking and fleet software to increase productivity, reduce costs and make my job easier? How can I get started? What other resources are available for me to learn more about mobile technology?

What is Mobile Technology?

Mobile technology refers to any electronic device or system connected to a network that offers wireless access and can be used outside a fixed workspace, such as laptops, netbooks, web-enabled mobile phones and PDAs. These devices support broadband communications technologies and have multimedia capabilities including video conferencing.

Why It Matters to Transportation Management Professionals?

Mobile technology has become an extension of end-user workstations and poses a variety of business opportunities for transportation management professionals. Mobile technology can:

• Increase worker productivity by enabling more efficient on-the-road workforce mobility

• Improve the accuracy, efficiency and data quality of road maintenance activities

• Make it easier for shippers and consignees to obtain real-time freight shipment status

• Improve the efficiency of road maintenance tasks by enabling direct communication between public employees and field staff.

The challenge that transportation management specialists face is how to take advantage of these opportunities without sacrificing system security, data integrity or regulatory compliance. This article discusses key successes and potential pitfalls of implementing mobile technology solutions, based on a survey by the research firm Frost & Sullivan.

This article is written by Steven Fifield, PhD, senior vice president for Frost & Sullivan; Michael Snyder, CEO of TouchPoint Group and Mark Rafferty, VP Business Development at Vayyar Technologies.

Mobile Technology in Transportation Management (PDF)

Mobile Technology in Transportation Management is part of the Frost & Sullivan Future of Government series. The content has been developed from presentations and discussions by industry experts active in government markets, providing a bridge between thought leadership research and strategy development to help companies optimize opportunities and accelerate growth. This article was sponsored by Vayyar Technologies, Inc.

This article explores the use of mobile technology in transportation management that can help government agencies with their daily operations. A large number of government organizations are already utilizing mobile technologies for a wide variety of purposes including communication, file sharing and document management. This article discusses several industry verticals focused on transportation and highlights how new mobile solutions can streamline existing processes to save time and money. 

Mobile technology in transportation management: The smart way to do it!


It can seem like there is no escaping the mobile device. And it’s not just for social media, people are using their phones to get from point A to point B and they’re even talking about what’s happening in between. That means that transportation managers have a lot more responsibility than ever before when it comes to ensuring safe travel on all modes of transit. Learn how these professionals say they’ve been incorporating new technology into their work and making sure everyone gets where they need to go safely!