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Did you know that 86% of US households have some kind of outdoor living space? Whether it’s a balcony, patio, or deck, you need furniture that is easy to use and comfortable.

However, if you don’t take care of your garden furnishings, you’ll find that you might have to replace things more frequently than you’d like.

As a new outdoor furniture owner, it can be a little confusing to figure out what the right way to care for these items really is. They are a lot more exposed than what you’d have inside, so you have to account for many more factors.

Keep reading to get the inside scoop on what you should do to care for these furnishings.

Look at the Care Instructions

The manufacturer of the garden chairs, tables, and benches likely has care instructions available for you as the buyer. You should always look for a sticker or instruction manual that comes with the furnishings you purchase to see if that has been provided.

These will offer insight into the best ways to care for your outdoor furnishings because they come straight from the source. Alternatively, if you need to return the item for any reason, you will want to avoid doing anything that might void the warranty because it’s not approved by the manufacturer.

Follow these instructions first if you have them available.

Try Light, Gentle Cleaning

In general, cleaning your furniture is going to be a pretty standard process if you do it regularly. If you want more specific instructions, take a look at this guide for cleaning outdoor patio furniture.

To care for most outdoor furnishings, you’ll want to first sweep them down with a standard broom or a soft cloth. This will remove any debris that isn’t stuck on the furnishing itself.

After that, you’ll need to take a very mild cleanser and mix it with warm (not hot) water. Go for about a 1/4 cup mild cleanser to about a gallon of water.

Take a sponge, and gently rub the outer surface of your furnishing to clean it off. Then, rinse it with clean water, and dry it with a lint-free cloth.

Consider the Materials

Wicker furniture needs regular cleaning, but since it is very fragile, it must be done with a gentle treatment. Alternatively, wood furniture will need to be sealed to preserve its quality, but you’ll also want to look out for stains, mildew, and sun damage.

There are different things to keep in mind based on what type of material your outdoor furniture is made from, so you should always do some research before you purchase a new piece for your patio.

In general, avoid using things like bleach, pine oil, or abrasive cleaners unless the manufacturing instructions specifically say that no matter what the material is. If you’re not sure, test it in a hidden spot before applying it to the whole furnishing.

Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

When not in use, it’s best to use covers on your furniture so that it doesn’t get harmed by the elements. You’ll also want to think about taking any foot caps off of your tables or chairs.

Keep the furniture in its upright position so that the water will properly drain if it does penetrate the item.

Remember to Take Care of Your Garden Furnishings

Depending on the type of garden furnishings you have, the care really isn’t that complex. Follow the instructions that the manufacturer provides you with, but also use your common sense when cleaning, storing, and using your furniture.

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