7 Reasons You Need a Clear Purse in Your Life
7 Reasons You Need a Clear Purse in Your Life

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Do you find yourself playing favorites when it comes to your bags? Well, if you have ever wished that your bag could be both functional and fashionable, you’re in luck! Today’s clear handbags have become far more than a functional item to carry everyday items. They are now considered an essential accessory and are often coordinated with the rest of one’s outfit for a fashionable look.

A clear purse reflects your style and sends a message about who you are as an individual something you didn’t necessarily realize when you first bought one! These seven reasons explain why you need to go out right now and purchase one of these bags if you haven’t already.


It’s like, why choose between fashion and function when you can have both? Having an easy-to-spot bag is not only functional but also makes it easier to access your belongings. No more digging around your black hole of a purse! Plus, at some point during your travels, you may need to keep your purse on hand as checked luggage (or even carry-on). With that said, having a clear bag is ideal because once it goes through security scanning machines they will be able to easily view its contents. But that’s not all – check out these 6 additional reasons why you should make room for one in your life!


The key to choosing a great transparent purse is finding one that matches your style and personality. Many women with a more edgy fashion sense choose clear purses for their special, exotic appeal. Transparent bags are perfect for showing off striking accessories such as large jewelry or unusual hair accessories that can be difficult to pull off without an appropriate bag. For women who enjoy something simpler, clear purses can help add some zing and excitement to any outfit by creating interesting shapes with personal items. Whatever your taste, there’s no denying that a clear purse is an exciting accessory that adds extra flair to your wardrobe!


The biggest reason why everyone needs a clear purse is protection. They protect your identity by preventing others from seeing what’s inside of your bag. If you want to keep certain things away from prying eyes, such as prescription medication or cash, then these types of bags are for you. They help protect against theft and force would-be thieves to take time when trying to determine if there’s anything of value inside before they decide to pickpocket you.


As if we needed more proof that clear bags are all over the place, street style sites showed up with a ton of photos of women who coordinated their outfits and purse. Maybe you aren’t ready to buy your Chanel on Fifth Avenue (though it looks awesome!), but there are still some reasons why you should consider going for transparent luggage. And no, they’re not just because they’re fashionable…but really, isn’t that enough?


We know how difficult it can be to locate your belongings inside a black hole of a bag, so clear bags make finding things much easier. This is great for busy women on the go who aren’t able to take as much time to search their bags as they would like. Additionally, if you tend to carry many items with you during work or travel, owning clear luggage will allow you to better see what you need at any given moment and keep things organized. In short, we find clear purses are perfect for not only those who value fashion but also those looking for convenience and organization when on the go.


It’s amazing how much you can fit into a clear purse. From books to toiletries to electronics, there are a few things that don’t benefit from being stored in a transparent bag. It doesn’t take up much space and provides easy access to items when you need them. Consider carrying your tablet or kindle, so you always have reading material on hand no matter where you go. Going for a jog? Throw your iPod, keys, and water bottle into your clear purse so it stays safe while keeping track of what’s inside. With multiple pockets, it can easily hold all of your essentials without becoming bulky or weighing down your arm.


We all have our preferences when it comes to what we want to carry around. Some women might prefer multiple card cases, others are happy with just one or two cards. When picking out your clear purse, make sure you find one that has plenty of storage for everything you’ll need. If you like carrying an extra compact and lipstick, be sure that your wallet is big enough to accommodate these small items too. Also, think about whether or not there’s an appropriate place for glasses and an iPhone. Make sure your purse has more than enough space!

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