Get the perfect burkini for your next beach tri!

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Women often struggle to find swimwear that matches their religious and cultural preferences, which is why burkinis are such a big hit among the Muslim community worldwide. This special type of bathing suit covers every inch of your body except for your face, hands, and feet. 

The burkini covers you completely while still offering freedom of movement in the water! With some different styles available, it’s easy to find the right burkini to match your tastes and preferences, along with the right burkini size to fit you perfectly.

What are burkinis?

A burkini is a swimsuit that covers everything except hands, feet, and face. Many people associate them with Muslim women who wear hijabs or headscarves to cover their hair, but they are also popular among non-Muslims looking for an alternative to traditional swimwear. No matter what you wear on top, one thing is clear: Today’s bathing suits are more modest than ever before. Whether you choose a burkini or another kind of modest swimwear, there’s no denying it—today’s bathing suits cover more skin than ever before.

tips when choosing a swimwear

If you’re looking to get a new swimsuit, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making your purchase. How will I be using my swimwear? Will I be swimming laps at the gym, lounging on a boat, or jumping off an island into crystal clear waters? All of these things factor into what kind of suit is best suited for you. As far as what to look for when selecting a swimsuit, it’s important to find something that fits well, feels good against your skin, and can hold up against chlorine (if applicable). Try not to settle just because one piece doesn’t feel right – usually, if you try multiple styles in different fabrics and cuts, you’ll find something that’s both comfortable and stylish.

different styles of modest swimwear

In addition to casual and sportswear, Muslim swimwear styles include modest Islamic bikinis and beachwear. Hijabs are also available in different styles to keep your hair covered while playing on land or in water. Modest Islamic swimwear is created with high-quality materials that dry quickly after each use, providing you with comfort even when worn all day long. If you’re searching for headscarves specifically designed for swimming, surf shops carry a variety of different styles of swim caps designed to fit over scarves without causing any damage or discomfort to delicate fabrics.

style a hijab while on the beach

The sportswear, when combined with a modest and functional swimsuit, creates a ‘barely there’ look – resulting in an invisible hijab. Just grab a bandana or any piece of cloth that blends into your swimwear, place it underneath your hijab and enjoy your day on the beach without having to worry about constantly adjusting or readjusting it.

you can tie your headscarf while wearing a bathing suit

Many Muslim women who exercise or attend water-based events want to maintain modesty during those activities, but at a bikini shop, it can be difficult to find attire that fits both of those demands. Luckily, there are several swimwear companies out there dedicated to producing modest sportswear. With products that range from full burkinis and hijabs with headscarves to half-hijabs and bathing suits with sporty sleeves, these businesses cater to women who want comfortable and stylish clothing that lets them stay true to their religious beliefs without compromising fashion sense. Take a look at some of our favorite designers

Fun activities you can do in modest swimwear

Going to a pool party, going on a picnic, or sunbathing at a family member’s house; just bring along modest swimming wear and you’ll be set. You can even go on that cruise you’ve been planning for so long; there will be plenty of activities to do as well as fun opportunities to dress up in formal wear. If you have children who love water sports such as boating or skiing, then take them with you and they can enjoy all those activities while wearing modest swimwear (or just their bathing suits). The best part is: that all those other mothers out there who are not Muslim don’t need to know your beliefs—just smile and say it’s my religious belief.

Cute accessories that go well with any combination of modest swimwear.

Some of these items aren’t suitable for swimming but can work well to add additional modesty to any look. You can mix and match them with swimsuits and hijabs. The best part is that most of these are affordable and you should be able to find something cute in each one.: Hijab, burkini & Beachwear. Starting from $14, a lot of different combinations come from Hijabs alone, however, it depends on what kind of style you want or likes to show off. Some people even go as far as tying fancy knots on their hijab or customizing their headscarves.