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Are You All Excited To Know About All the Secret Places in Brookhaven?

Secret places in brookhaven

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What is Brookhaven?

In this article, you will learn about all the secret places in Brookhaven. Brookhaven is a game in which you have to play different roles. You can buy different things like houses and cars by utilizing money.

Secret places in Brookhaven

Secret places in Brookhaven

It is estimated that there are 33 different secret places in Brookhaven.

  • Cleaners
  • Brookhaven Bank
  • Arcade
  • Brookhaven Hospital
  • Brookhaven Cemetery
  • Secret Cave
  • Secret House
  • Hidden Wall
  • Secret Wall
  • Bed
  • Outer Wall
  • Dark Scary House
  • Box
  • Wall
  • Stairs
  • Gate of garbage
  • Microwave Oven
  • Dressing Room
  • Roof
  • Reading spot
  • Kids Room
  • Shower Teleport
  • Bathroom Sink
  • Hidden Death Spot
  • Entrance of the house
  • Kids Play Room
  • Cinema
  • Burger shop
  • Luxury Apartment
  • Hair Salon
  • Fire Station
  • Couch
  • Bank Vault
Secret places in Brookhaven


There is a building in Brookhaven whose name is cleaners. Go there and move down the ramp. The secret place is for criminals.

Brookhaven Bank

Follow the underground path in cleaners. It will lead you to Brookhaven bank. A green key is compulsory for opening the door of the vault room. You are not allowed to take the explosive material inside the vault room. Enter the room and loot all the money.

Vault of the bank

You need a friend to find out the secret place. First of all, you explode the vault room with the help of a bomb. Then, you jump on the shoulders of your friend. This process takes you to another secret place in Brookhaven.


You climb the stairs in the arcade arena. It will take you to the secret birthday area.

Brookhaven Hospital

There is a secret lab in Brookhaven Hospital. When you cross the hospital entrance, you find a hole in the ceiling of the upper desk. It leads you to the secret lab. This is a scary secret place. There are a lot of operating tables and experimental chairs in the secret lab.

Brookhaven Cemetery

First of all, you go to the Brookhaven Cemetery. Then, you stand near a grave and fall into the grave. After falling into the grave, you find out a secret place. You can hear lots of scary sounds here. Nobody can find you if you hide in this secret place.

Secret Cave

To find another secret place in Brookhaven, you must ride onto a vehicle. There are a lot of drones at the top of the mountain. Ride one of the drones. It will take you to the secret cave of Brookhaven. Brookhaven cave is a very massive cave.

Secret House

There is a house between two trees behind the airport. You can use this house as a secret place.

Hidden Wall

Selection of a modern house is compulsory. Once the house is built, you climb the stairs, and it takes you to the secret place.

Secret Wall

You find a secret place when you jump to the right side of the table.


Climb the stairs. It will take you to the bedroom. It is also a secret place in Brookhaven.

Outer Wall

You can climb the outer side of the house with the help of a ladder. You will find yourself in a secret location.


When you enter the dark, scary house, you find many boxes. You can use any box for hiding.


You can jump on the boxes. Jumping on the boxes will take you to the secret wall.


There are many secret places in the area of stairs.

Gate of garbage

The Gate of garbage is a secret place. You have to squeeze your size to 0.5 to enter there.

Microwave Oven

There is a microwave in the kitchen. You can enter the microwave to hide.

Dressing Room

There are cupboards in the dressing room as secret places.


The roof of the house is also a secret place.

Reading Spot

Squeeze your size and enter the bedroom. It is a secret location.

Kids Room

The bed in the kid’s room is a secret place.

Shower Teleport

Enter the bathroom. You will find a wooden box there. Enter it, and it will take you to the secret place.

Bathroom sink

You can sit under the sink in the bathroom. It is a secret place.

Hidden Death Spot

There is a graveyard in the secret house.

Kids Play Room

You can use the kid’s Play Room as a hiding spot.


You can sit on the couch and remove the icon of the house. It will take you to another secret place.

Fire Station

The fire station is itself a secret place in Brookhaven.

Hair salon

You can go to the hair salon and hide under the table.

Luxury Apartment

You can go to the luxury apartment and use it as a secret place.


You can hide behind the cinema screen.

Can Kids Visit Brookhaven?

While young kids will want to participate, it is strongly advised against unaccompanied participation for anyone under the age of thirteen due to the Roblox product’s ongoing issues with inappropriate content.

Who Is Mr. Brookhaven?

As the creator and great patriot of the town of Brookhaven, Mr. Brookhaven is well-known. A crystal with unlimited power was discovered before he built the city. His abduction by the Agency occurred in 1908. But oddly, he managed to get away quickly.

What Is The Age Limit In Minecraft?

According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), Minecraft can be played by anyone ten or older. The ESRB notes that this rating was granted because “players can indulge in violent activities like setting animals on fire” due to the game’s “Fantasy Violence.”

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 How many secret places are there in Brookhaven?

 There are 33 secret places in Brookhaven.

How can you find a house in Brookhaven?

You have to go behind the airport to find the house.

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