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Stalekracker is an American tiktoker. Stalekracker, as a TikToker uploads comedy videos and food videos. Read the article to know more about him. Stalekracker net worth was collected as TikToker and as a state trooper.

What is TikTok?

In 2014, the Musical.Ly formed an application. People upload dancing videos on the application. Many streamers use this application to view and follow the material and ID. In 2017, this application stretched up followers to 200 Million.

This application was created by Chinese Developer Byte Dance. This application reached 100 Million followers. The followers uploaded videos and get famous. This Application was named TikTok. In 2017, Byte Dance bought this Musical.Ly application. He paid 800 Million Dollars, and in 2018, he merged and TikTok. TikTok is the most downloaded application. It is available on the Apple app and Google Play Store.

TikTok as an Application

TikTok is an application that encourages the streamer to upload videos, audio documents, thoughts, ideas, and many more. People follow and subscribe to their channels. The primary aim of TikTok is to inspire others to upload informative videos. Many times people make a response to another Video.

TikTok: a source of popularity

Agencies, brands, and business sources hire top Tiktokers. The act of hiring Tiktoker creates an earning source. They make videos and share their home route. Streamer gets famous on TikTok because they know how to get more viewers. People mention other people to subscribe and follow the specific account. Brands use TikTok to advertise their product, people share videos for information and entertainment, and people upload videos about new creative ideas. The more people watch the videos, the more followers and like users can get from the viewer. Parents should install a solution on the phone. TikTok Stars knows what people like and do not like about the videos. Youth is unaware of the limitation of their privacy on TikTok. Many people upload videos about their work, and streamers buy many of the products. Many people create makeup videos. These videos help with self-grooming.

Stalekracker started as tiktoker

Stalekracker started his video with the trends of kicks and riding. He is always in work hard to stay active and famous on TikTok.

Stalekracker net worth earned as tiktoker

TikTok allowed the advertiser to play the product advertisement during the video. Advertisers fixed the amount of money per post of the ads. The appearance of advertisements often irritates the streamers, but this helps the Tiktoker to increase the Net Worth of the account owner. Stalekracker’s Net Worth consists of $50,000 and $100,000.

People like posts, and videos, comment, and share the Stalekracker post on TikTok. The share of liked posts ranges from $546 to $910 per post, thus increasing Stalekracker net worth. These individual post-earnings contribute to Stalekracker net worth of eleven percent of the total income. Stalekracker Net Worth estimated monthly varies with time. According to some recent years, the income was estimated as starting from $ 95 to $ 1.5K per month.

Stalekracker net worth from merchandise

Stalekracker net worth from merchandise

Stalekracker sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, seasoning, and other clothing items. The cloth material is reliable. There are different prints and stickers on them. People trust the product sold by the Stalekracker merchandise. Revenue collection from selling the products depends on the Per-Selling Price of the product. The price of the product and selling items are multiplied and increases the Stalekracker Net Worth. Revenue generated from the Merchandise and other sources constitutes $50,000 and $100,000.

Reason for the popularity of Stalekracker

Stalekracker became famous and popular fastest, and Stalekracker gained much control over TikTok. Stalekracker understands the technique and tricks. Stalekracker tried to understand the preference of the streamer by upload of the videos. Stalekracker always uploads food recipes, pictures, and different videos. He gets a lot of responses on the food recipes. Chef Gordon Ramsay always appreciated the food recipes and feedback on Stalekracker videos. The response of the chef brought Stalekracker to the top among tiktoker.

Stalekracker cookbook popularity

Stalekracker has published his cookbook. The recipes of the foods cover the favorite meal by Stalekracker. Stalekracker promoted the book by making a video of only sixty seconds. He focuses on the south Louisiana culture while making videos about food. The food video contains a short informative video. Stalekracker concisely adds every detail in every video. He visited different cities to get information about various yummy food recipes.

The followers of the channel range from younger children of age five to eight years. The channel contains only informative and up-to-date content. Stalekracker food videos help grow kids. The account gets a lot of positive responses from a famous and experienced chef.

Stalekracker as law implementation officer

The extraordinary evidence about Stalekracker is worked for Louisiana State Police. Justin Chaisson is the original name of Stalekracker. Stalekracker was a law implementation officer. An incident about the trooper was the boat of troopers hit a pontoon boat. Stalekracker was the passenger on the boat. The blame on Stalekracker was he did not report that incident. Stalekracker has left the job of a trooper.


The Stalekracker is a popular tiktoker. He focused on making short and informative videos, especially about food recipes. People find the channel very informative. Stalekracker was also a state trooper. The Stalekracker Net Worth depends on the profession, time, and the amount given by fan response, advertisers, and police heads.

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What is Tiktok?

Tiktok is an application people share their videos and document on it.

Who is Stalekracker?

Stalekracker is a famous Tiktoker. He always uploads many food recipes.