Slip and Fall

Last Updated on February 16, 2024 by Saira Farman

A slip and fall seem like any other minor accident, and most people brush it off and continue with their everyday life. Contrary to what people think, slipping and falling can lead to major severe injuries, such as head trauma and, in some cases, instant death. In such an instance, it’s vital to know how you can get compensated in such a case, especially if you live in Georgia. It is crucial to contact Douglasville Personal Injury Lawyer for consultation on such matters. Having a good lawyer will ease the troubles of filing a report and the follow-up. This article will outline the steps to take after a slip and fall.

Call Emergency Services if Necessary

This is the first crucial step when you slip and fall. Most people ignore the impact of the fall and fail to seek medical services, only to end up having complications later. Always seek medical help whenever you slip and fall to confirm the extent of your injuries and to get the necessary treatments.

Determine Clause

After seeking medical help, it’s now time to figure out the cause of your slip and fall. The reasons can be numerous that so it’s vital to be keen enough to know what caused the fall. Some factors include; uneven grounds, ice surface and loose or torn carpets. Always get a sample, if possible, to be used as evidence on your case later.

Look for Witnesses

Look for any witnesses around your scene to help you with the case. If they saw what happened, they could be of more significant help; however, if they didn’t, contact them to attest to their conditions, which can be helpful.

Document Everything

Take time to document everything that you see and remember about the incident. You should include the location of the accident, the names of people involved, including the owner of the property and any witnesses that might be around. Always write down what the employees or personnel involved might say, especially if it indicates that they were aware of the danger. All this might work as evidence to help you out when filling a claim.

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Take Photos

Consider taking photos of everything involved. This pictures act as evidence of both the material and the cause of the slip and fall. Make sure the images are clear and not blurred to provide clear pictures of the accident scene.

Write Everything about Medical Treatment

If you are still not okay after the emergency treatment, you can check in the hospital to get further treatments. Ensure that you document everything from the bill to the medication given—the names of the doctors who treated you as they can be used as witnesses. Indicate the doctor’s opinion about your injury and in case of scanning or trauma, ensure it’s revealed in their report.

Call an Attorney

Seeking compensation can be challenging without a lawyer. The owner might assume, especially if you do not have legal representation, that is why you need an attorney. An attorney will guide you on the steps to make and use your collected evidence to make a case. Tell them everything and all the information you have gathered.


The above is the process to follow in case of a slip and fall. However, you must consult with your attorney whenever you are not sure. All the documents and the evidence you take keep it safe to avoid a third party tampering with them.