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The integration of a good school management system will significantly impact your school’s functioning and the quality of teaching and learning. So, once you have decided to find the right one, it’s important to know what to consider while researching the features you would need. Perhaps the foremost and most important feature to consider is security. What makes security so important in a school management system? Here are three reasons why security of your school management software needs to be your top consideration when choosing your school management system

Student Data is Sensitive 

At the time of enrolling a student, you are collecting important data such as their contact information, their parents’ job and income details, medical histories and financial net worth.  This is highly confidential and for the sake of your students’ and their families’ security, you need to keep it from theft or leakage. 

Offer secure online payments 

More and more parents are opting for online fee payments due to busy working schedules and geographically challenges. As payments are necessary more than once a year for special events, unexpected purchases and more, people’s information is bound to get stored. As bank information is perhaps the most sensitive data you could have access to, the school management system you opt for has to have features such as 256 Bit Encryption, SSL Security and Data Masking to keep this data from falling into the wrong hands. 

Prevent Bombing and Content Theft 

Students are more vulnerable to unauthorized entries and unethical practices such as video conference bombing than other online gatherings. In addition, your most valuable asset is your teachers’ intellectual property and lessons they have developed themselves. Security features in your school management system ensure that your students, and your content remains safe, so that you can choose to either monetize is or protect your brand as you see fit. 

While there are several good school management systems to choose from, taking that additional step of keeping it safe will insure you from putting your hard won brand and reputational capital at risk. 

Safely keep student records for posterity

Grade cards, health records, and certificates are among the most important paperwork needed in a student’s academic career. Security needs to include secure and redeemable backups so that you can safely keep these for their future. Faculty and non-teaching staff also have vital records and lesson plans that need to stored safely for the long term. 

Reassure parents and increase your student base 

The concern that parents had around easily accessible classrooms and playgrounds has now transferred to concern about cyber safety. Education institutes need to take this concern very seriously. By offering secure school management software, institutions can ensure that student information, institute-related academic usage of the internet, and payment related information are all safe. The more secure your software, the more confident the student or their parent is in your institute’s contribution to their safety.

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