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Last Updated on July 16, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

If you are an eCommerce business, then there is a high probability that you may be aware of how crucial Instagram marketing has become over the years. When you think about social media platforms, Instagram tops the list for sure! Businesses are making full use of shoppable Instagram to promote their products or services, and this social media platform is like a gold treasure for eCommerce businesses. The deeper you explore and spend time on it, the more benefits you shall reap. Ever since the latest Shopping feature has been introduced on the social media platform, it has become an instant hit amongst shoppers and business owners to promote their products and services.

Let’s talk a little bit about Shopify now. Shopify is an eCommerce platform specially designed keeping in mind the necessities of eCommerce businesses and to make it easier for them to sell their products. It also offers a payment processing feature to seamlessly receive payments for the products you sell.

Shoppable Instagram – The Overview

Simply put, Shoppable Instagram allows brands to tag products to their Instagram posts. This gives brands the access to promote their business directly through Instagram via posts, stories, or the Shop tab in the profile.

You also have the option to tag products in your posts. When your users tap into the post, they will be able to see other additional specifications of the products like price and product labels.

However, Instagram enables you to tag 5 products in a post and up to 20 if a carousel.

Shoppable Instagram is a game-changing feature for eCommerce businesses using which the business can give out information about their products, and the user will get to know about everything they need to before purchasing a product that too while surfing their Instagram feed!

What Is The Point Of Integrating Shoppable Instagram With Shopify Store?

As mentioned before, Shopify is being leveraged largely by eCommerce businesses due to its amazing features. Apart from offering multiple layouts and design options to beautify the store, Shopify also offers the option of easy payment processing and various other integrations. 

Shopify itself understands the significance of increased user engagement for boosting conversions and sales. Resulting in this, it introduced its integration with Shoppable Instagram. A Shopify expert can help you integrate shoppable Instagram with your Shopify store.

This further leads to an effective shopping experience for users while enjoying socializing.

The eCommerce businesses can now add Instagram Shoppable Feeds on the Shopify store by adding a Buy button to make it easier for customers to directly make the purchase on the store.

Benefits Of Integrating Shoppable Instagram Feeds On Shopify

By now, you must be aware of everything related to Shoppable Instagram Feeds on Shopify and how it can skyrocket your sales.

Read on to know about the key benefits of Integrating shoppable Instagram feeds on Shopify-

Influence The Buying Decision Of Customers 

Instagram serves as a platform where users mainly come to take inspiration about everything right from photography, clothes, jewelry, shoes, and technically everything! 

In such a case, when they see your products while surfing, they may get tempted to buy your products since they are already in the mind frame of surfing and probably buying.

Moreover, they already have the option to directly make the purchase rather than looking for your website, finding the product, and making the purchase.

Increased Sales & Conversions

E-Commerce businesses can witness the massive growth in their overall sales & conversions , the app Inflact mentions. Shoppable Instagram effectively increases engagement and improves the overall customer experience, which makes your existing customers put in their faith in your brand.

All these factors collectively will result in more overall conversions and sales.

Build A Social Proof

It is a known fact that one customer always tends to trust another customer more than the brand’s published content.

You can instill a sense of confidence and trust in your customers by displaying User-Generated Content on your Shopify store.

Utilizing UGC can surely skyrocket your sales by building a social proof of your brand. 

More Simplified Buying Journey

By leveraging Shoppable Instagram with Shopify, you can offer a more simplified and fuss-free shopping experience to your customers.

All that customers expect and want from eCommerce businesses is for them to enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Customers can get frustrated while following the entire process of searching for the website, looking for their preferred product, and filling in long details while checking out.

Shoppable Instagram makes it easier for customers to discover their preferred product, look for the details and buy it easily, all while scrolling through their Instagram feed!

Summing It Up

Here we are at the end of the blog! We are sure by now you may be convinced that integrating Shoppable Instagram with Shopify is one of the best and effective marketing strategies to connect with your existing as well as potential customers.

Apart from this, it is one of the most powerful and result-driven methods to increase user engagement, improve your brand visibility and gradually increase conversions and sales.

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