These facts will motivate you to workout everyday
These facts will motivate you to workout everyday

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Have you ever found yourself envying people who invest a lot of time working out and have perfect bodies? Have you ever spent hours scrolling Instagram and Facebook just admiring the various trainers online, their posts and thinking about all the promises they make of how you can achieve the exact same look by just following their tips? 

Have you heard people tell you a million times that if you just spent 20 minutes every day exercising then your figure will magically change? Well then if it’s any comfort to you then we all have gone through that at least once in our life, and every time we have promised ourselves that from tomorrow we will start working out! 

But the truth of the matter is that all the trainers, experts and models that we see and envy online have centered their lives on working out and looking extremely fit. Other normal people such as us who cannot invest their entire day just on exercising and eating right should just focus on staying as healthy as possible. 

And for that we need to be cautious of what we are eating and in what quantity, and we should also try to get some physical exercise done at least once a day. 


Now sometimes finding 20 to 30 minutes for ourselves just to focus on exercising can also be really difficult because of how tough our work schedule can be. We know that some people will really be able to relate to us such as:

  1. Working House Parents: Parents who stay at home raising children have a very tough schedule no doubt and often we don’t give them enough credits because we assume that if you are not physically going to an office and staying at home then you are not getting any work done.

Whereas the truth is that running an entire household can be a very strenuous task that needs serious attention. Often because of all the multitasking that is involved many people are unable to find enough time to work out properly. 

A serious problem arises if you are also responsible for not only maintaining the house but also if you’re working from home! That way anytime that you do manage to get for yourself is devoted to sitting in front of a laptop and just working. We understand the struggles of a working house parent without a doubt!

  1. Single Parents: Single parents have the responsibility of solely raising children, earning money and also ensuring that the household runs systematically! That means that there are so many things that have to be taken care of by you in one day that you can hardly find time to take a break let alone work out and exercise! We empathize with single parents so much that just thinking about their responsibilities is making us tired already! 
  2. Students: Students make up that part of the community that actually takes up a lot of stress and anxiety! They are usually at that age where they are learning how to manage their time, deal with adulthood and manage the stress and anxiety they get from keeping a balance amongst good grades, social life, body changes, other insecurities, making plans about future plans and also staying fit! Student life is such a tricky age because your body is in fact going through so many hormonal changes and otherwise life in general is going through so many transitions that you are trying to cope with everything and usually that means that health takes a back seat easily! 
  3. Office Workers: People who need to go to work from 9 am to 6 pm have some of the toughest jobs in the world! The reason is that a job that starts at 9 am usually means waking up early in the morning and preparing for the entire day. Then other factors such as the commute, the distance to work, taking care of children and other family members, traffic and of course work performance can easily give you so much stress that you don’t even have time to think about your health at all. 

The point is that if you have a busy schedule and so many other things to think about in a day then the chances of not being able to prioritize your health over other responsibilities is a valid argument and almost everyone who goes through these problems can understand. You don’t need to feel like a loser and you don’t have to underestimate yourself and your abilities either! Envying other people and their routines is something that naturally all human beings do, but that does not mean that you ignore yourself and your health because that is equally important if not the most important thing because if you’re not healthy and content then how will you be able to effectively work on your other responsibilities.Using a dmaa pre workout can also help you get motivated.

Exercising and physical activity is so important to your health and you don’t need to join the gym necessarily or aim to have a six packs to be able to get all these benefits; all you need is some motivation and a little bit of extra effort to also lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. And we bet when you read the following benefits of exercising every day then you will definitely be scrambling to change into your sports short and just heading out the door right away! 

  1. Reduces Cholesterol: 

Because of the kinds of food that we tend to eat in our daily lives the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides tend to be really high. These two elements are found in oily, fatty and processed foods; usually people who have a busy schedule tend to order out a lot and avoid making home cooked foods that are high in fiber, good carbs, fruits and vegetables. Now this kind of a diet combined with zero exercise tends to make cholesterol and triglycerides settle and freeze in our arteries making them narrower and also making it difficult for blood to pass through them efficiently. 

The only way to get rid of these harmful elements is by avoiding eating such foods and by burning them away through exercise. When you exercise and especially if you do cardio centric exercises then your heart rate increases and your body starts to warm up; this heat that is produced in your muscles helps to melt away the triglycerides and cholesterol. Most importantly, your heart starts to function more efficiently and this improves the blood circulation.  

Reduces Sugar Levels in the Blood


Just like cholesterol the sugar levels in your blood also need to be managed well because otherwise you are in a constant danger of developing diabetes. In order to get rid of sugar levels in your blood you need to exercise so that your muscles can convert the sugar levels into energy that give you the push you need to function properly. The more muscles you will use the more energy your body will produce.

Reduces Blood Pressure


People who have higher cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar in their body are also endangered of getting blood pressure; this means that your heart is always exerting to be able to pump blood efficiently and this exertion causes high blood pressure. When you exercise and do cardio then you assist your heart in pumping blood and also help your blood to circulate thoroughly through your muscles, vessels and arteries. 

Increases Stamina


If you have ever found trouble in breathing while doing high intensity workouts then do not be alarmed because as a beginner your lung muscles are getting used to storing enough oxygen to sustain in your body. As you will continue exercising your lungs will keep performing better and the lung muscles will eventually be able to expand so much that your breathing will improve as well. A good stamina is very important because the higher the capacity of your lungs will be the better you will be able to breathe and the more efficiently your body will be able to provide oxygen throughout your body. 

Improves Blood Circulation


Cardio and a constant use of your muscles allows blood to travel around your body, the more you will exercise the more heat your muscles will produce and the more harmful and toxic elements will exit your body. This will clear out your arteries and vessels making it easier for blood to pass through your body providing it with oxygen and other nutrition. Most importantly a good blood flow helps clear out your mind so you think clearly improves your digestive system and also increases the activity of your nervous system; overall you will become more productive and energetic.  

Reduces Stress and Anxiety:


People who suffer from stress and anxiety are often suggested by their doctors and their advisors to continue doing physical activity because constantly taking stress produces a chemical in your body called cortisol which settles in your abdomen, bloats your stomach and also makes you unproductive. When you exercise your body produces happy hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins; as the name suggests they make you feel happier, productive, energetic and a lot more content with life. These hormones and exercise are the only two most effective things that will help get rid of cortisol! 

Helps Reduce Depression


Physical activity and exercises will usually take you outdoors and also may be to communal exercising places such gyms where you will get to socialize with people and build a bigger circle of like-minded people. This is a huge asset for people who tend to feel depressed.

Plus the production of the happy hormones combined with weight loss will help you feel good about yourself and make you less depressed! If you’re going to just take a run outdoors then even that will help you connect with nature and the outside world and definitely uplift your mood!

Makes muscles flexible


Exercises such as yoga especially will make your muscles much more flexible as blood will regularly pass through them. This will allow you to move your body more efficiently and gain extra control over yourself. Flexible muscles are always a sign of a healthy body. 

Creates a resistance against Injuries


Having a flexible and strong body is equivalent to wearing a body armor that literally protects you from injuries. Your muscles will become so flexible that a strong impact will make your muscles bounce back instead of breaking which means your body’s ability to resist injuries increases. And even when you do get injured then your body will be able to heal much quickly. 

There are many ways in which you can try and definitely workout every day so wear your sports shirts and follow our tips:

Take the Stairs


We have taken this advice and trust us it works! When you use the stairs instead of taking the elevator or an escalator then you give your body the extra leg workout it needed! Taking the stairs will also help improve your stamina and it is an excellent form of the most simple cardio workout you can get. 

Walk to work


Build a middle ground for yourself where you try to walk to your destination whether it is your office or your school. This way you will be incorporating a workout in your everyday routine especially to go to a place where you absolutely need to. If you adapt the habit of walking to your destination instead of taking a bus or driving then you will be adding an extra healthy habit of working out in your everyday lives. 

Cycle for long distance Commute


When it comes to going to places that are quite far away then we suggest doing cycling. This way you will be able to reach your destination quickly but also will be getting killer cardio and leg work out without really feeling the need to take out special time. 

Start doing house Chores


Helping around the chores can also help you get that extra work out; even simple tasks such as making your bed, vacuuming, dusting help you move so many body muscles that you definitely will feel healthier and more active. 

Wake up Early


Waking up early really helps in setting a good active routine because this way you start early and can take out 20 minutes for yourself to efficiently work out. 

Exercise before sleeping


Making a habit of doing a 20 minute run or doing skipping ropes about 200 times each night before going to bed is also a very efficient strategy. You will be able to do cardio and also improve your stamina. 

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