What things would you be willing to exchange for a Huawei smartwatch extended battery life?

Last Updated on March 24, 2024 by Saira Farman

Huawei has announced that its latest smartwatch will be available in Pakistan. Huawei Watch GT is the first in a series of smart devices that the company plans to launch in the country. Huawei, the Chinese technological behemoth, has set its sights on a smart and healthy way of life. With a slew of smart goods in the works, Huawei is launching the Huawei Watch GT, an innovative smartwatch that epitomizes adventure, intelligence, and style in Pakistan.

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Classic Components

The Huawei GT ideally combines classic watch components with a big screen and a two-week battery life. It has ultra-long endurance, low power consumption, more professional workout tracking, and scientific guidance, making it a must-have “outdoor smartwatch” for city explorers.

Huawei GT is inspired by Gran Turismo (GT), offering a luxury and powerful performance for those with a sense of adventure. Huawei Watch GT exudes life and modernism with its cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and UI design, which includes multi-color health data design, fine typography, scenario-based display, and professional graphics.

Design and Layout

The watch has a tiny 10.6mm casing with a 1.39″ AMOLED HD touch color screen, a full circle dial, bezel, crown, and ear, as well as a full circle dial, bezel, crown, and ear. The wristwatch is a smartphone accessory that serves as an intelligent assistant for users while hiking, walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, free training, working, and sleeping. We don’t know what else to say if that isn’t convenient.

Huawei gt smartwatch has a variety of sports modes (hiking, trail running, outdoor walking, running, cycling, swimming, and free training) and can track a variety of sports data in collaboration with professional sports organizations, including time, distance, heart rate, stride frequency, step count, aerobic/anaerobic training effect, training status, training load, and recovery time suggestions.

User Interface

A multi-color dial design and an innovative User-Interface add to the smartwatch’s appeal (UI). It uses multiple colors to represent various health facts and scenarios, such as red for heart rate with a beating heart to represent rhythm and yellowish-orange for progress toward goals. Purple represents a good night’s sleep, while Green represents health, vigor, and sports interaction.

With the debut of its first-generation Android-powered smartwatches in March 2015, Huawei entered the smart wearables industry. Since then, Huawei has remained at the forefront of innovation, and the Huawei GT now features more advanced technology than ever before. It aspires to promote a healthy lifestyle in Pakistan, where people are drawn to sports and adventure in large numbers.

GT Price

We were particularly interested in the sleep tracking feature because it’s one thing you can do with this device while most other devices are charging on the bedside table. It’s also meant to record your breathing quality, which could be useful if you’re concerned about a sleep issue such as apnoea.

In Pakistan, the Huawei gt smartwatch will cost PKR 29,999/-, or about $215. The smartwatch is the first of a series of smart devices that the company will launch in Pakistan.

Final Note

We put the Watch GT to the test on someone who was known to have sleep apnoea (I won’t mention who for fear of embarrassment) and, unfortunately, it always scored his breathing in the normal range, even going so far as to score him at 100% normal on several nights.

Anyone who has ever slept in the same suburb as a freight train will tell you that this is just not true. Unless he was sleeping like a baby those evenings, safe in the knowledge that, even if he passed away in the middle of the night, his Watch GT would keep ticking?