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Even as a tech user, playing computer games in high school and college was frustrating for me. I build computers for friends, I know Windows like the back of my hand, I solve problems myself…I’m not a regular user. However, for whatever reason, I had to deal with everything from viruses to hard drive failures or reinstalling the OS. Sometimes it’s because Windows slows down over time. Many friends have expressed such concerns.

During this time, I never thought about the Max, mostly because of the price, but also because of the lack of clarity. Other than art professionals, I don’t know anyone who owns or has used an iMac pro i7 4k. Our elementary school in Canada has a few Macs, but no one uses them. Like everyone else, I use my PC to play games, but the Mac still doesn’t. So I just solved this problem.

When I got home from graduation, the idea of ​​a Mac appealed to me, so I bought a white MacBook. Then I bought two iMac pro i7 4k, a MacBook Pro, and a MacBook Air. I even have an Apple Airport Extreme router. Why are you doing this? These issues no longer interest me. As open-minded as gaming and PC platforms are, I want a solid PC that I can count as a machine. I’ve reviewed nine 24-inch iMacs that were sent back for display issues, and their commitment to reliability has been excellent.

No problem for a long time

Of course, they behave like tools. No problem for a long time, no virus, no crash. I’ll have to find software to do the things I want to do, like download from newsgroups or convert videos to specific formats, but I guess that’s part of the price. Even annoying things like the conversion speed of the 2.8GHz dual-core iMac i7 pro 4k compared to similarly priced PCs don’t bother me.

But then I started to understand some things. Max is not as immune to viruses as advertised. Your Apple imac pro i7 4k has a harmless Yahoo virus that sends messages even when you’re offline. I will not give up on this. What happened next was a real eye-opener for me. I was renting my basement at the time and had iLife CDs and other Apple imac pro i7 boxes and storage devices, so I decided to quickly download it from a torrent site. A virus slowed down my computer and I didn’t notice it until I tried to reboot into Boot Camp (the Windows partition). To my surprise, I lost everything I did in that episode, most of it. I tried opening it again in Mac OS X but failed. I have more in my Mac section, but I lost everything (along with precious photos).

Millions of people buy Macs

You said you downloaded something from a torrent site, you know better. I want to? Will Apple’s Marketing Convince You? Based on the way Apple describes many Mac users, not just itself, I don’t know and don’t think I should know about Mac viruses. It could be from a torrent site, but the free program you download tomorrow from another site might contain a virus. As Apple computers became more popular, they became more common. Millions of people buy Macs thinking they are hosts and immune to viruses.

And it will get worse. Mac antivirus software sucks. It is still in the early stages of development and is rarely updated. It doesn’t hold the virus well. It’s basically useless and doesn’t work in my case. So you have no protection. If Mac antivirus is expensive and requires antivirus, what’s the selling point? Your computer needs an antivirus, but at least an antivirus program will run and catch viruses and you won’t have to compromise on software value, scalability, performance, or compatibility!

Check now. I needed to recover data from a corrupted Mac OS X partition, so when I reinstalled the Mac I created an image of the partition, the installer checked the image and said it was okay. Then it can’t be used. It gave me a technical error, I checked and found that other bad users had the same experience! There’s nothing you can do about it, and it seems that even Apple technicians have a hard time understanding the problem with DMG (there are lots of posts about it on Apple forums).

In the end, I gave up on development, playback, performance, and most importantly software compatibility for something worse than a PC. The computer is infected, I got rid of it and I’m still fine. I ended up selling my Apple imac pro i7 4k and buying an Intel Core i7 system with 12GB of RAM for the same price I sold a 24″ iMac, and I’ve been running Windows 7 beta for a while with no issues. This is how we’ve heard people describe PC and Mac virus problems – Using a PC is like being in the best tank of the US Army on a crazy battlefield, armed and fully armed, using a Mac is like being inside a T-shirt and shorts in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa. I think the analogy is wise. Attacking with Your (now) Mac is unlikely to crash, but if you get a virus (and at some point, you will), you’re bound to crash.