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thunder is a vehicle shooting online game developed by Russian developer Gaijin Entertainment with World War II as the background. In Warthunder, you can control various types of sea, land and air vehicles such as helicopters, tanks, battleships, etc. The classic battle in the history of World War II, feel the cruelty and fierceness on the real battlefield, many novice players do not know how to choose a tank in the game, the following introduces Warthunder best tanks. Mastering the art of situational awareness, using War Thunder hacks can significantly enhance your success in War Thunder, ensuring a thrilling and victorious gaming experience.


Tiger H1

Tiger H1 is a German Tier 3 heavy tank. It has 100mm frontal armor, 100mm thick turret armor, and 120mm mantlet to perfectly demonstrate superior armor capabilities. In terms of firepower, the 88mm cannon can match a series of shells. Compatible, capable of quickly attacking all enemy vehicles in its path, side armor to scan incoming shells, 650 hp engine and flat ballistics, can destroy any opponent at long range, main gun depression can also be used in undulating terrain In short, Tiger H1 is a very strong warmachine.

M50 Ontos

M50 Ontos is an American V-class tank destroyer. It was born in the early 1950s. It has the chassis of a small infantry carrier T-55/56 plus a small turret and six 106mm recoilless guns, which can be used to support infantry operations and firepower. Powerful and small enough to fit into transport aircraft and medium-sized landing craft, the M50 Ontos can provide a large amount of fire support in a short period of time, and has good maneuverability in some difficult terrain. Top speed can be reached quickly and maintained at high speed.


SMK is a multi-turret heavy tank developed by the Soviet Union in the 1930s. It has a dual turret design and is equipped with a main gun and a secondary gun with good performance. Even if the secondary gun is killed, it will provide a meat shield for the rear main turret, so it is surrounded. It can also score multiple times, and the gunner can repair it quickly. It is powered by an 850-horsepower engine and maintains excellent mobility. It can provide cover for other weak units and disperse enemy firepower. SMK has a large interior space and is difficult to be attacked. Destroyed in one hit.


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