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Top 7 Things You Should Do In Online Casinos if You Want Your Money (Serious Talk)

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Last Updated on February 16, 2024 by Saira Farman

Tips, tricks, and points for gambling — enough of that! What should a gambler do to ensure their funds and sessions are safe? It is high time to answer that significant question, and here we go!

1. Play Only Provably Fair Games!

The casino realm is deceitful, and you want to avoid all games that mimic fairness. Close the website when there are zero documents about lawfulness and checks from reputable organizations! Do not click that game if there is no provably fair trust seal on its page! If there are no games, play Aviator, as it is wiser to stick to a tested and transparent game than to lose your last stash on a game with holes in design malicious casinos use to steal your bets!

2. Never Ignore Terms and Conditions!

First, only top online casinos post those documents. Second, those EXTREMELY BORING, YES, documents elucidate all potential pitfalls you might encounter. Please read them, and only then start exploring the games! If you think this is too much to consider, that might be a red flag. Plus, it is better to pick casinos with reader-friendly documents (because why would they complicate the document? Do they have something to hide?).

3. Do Not Use Your Debit Card For Gambling!

Your card issuer may decline the transaction as gambling is still taboo for some companies. And that is for a good reason! The fewer documents about your casino activities, the better it is for you! Besides, using e-wallets or cryptocurrencies, you will not only disguise your transactions but also get additional bonuses at some casinos.

4. Do Not Send Your Personal Data To Casinos Right Away!

The registration process is a must, but casinos do not need your passport scan or utility bills on the first date. If a casino pushes you to share such sensitive information, it is probably a fraudster in disguise! The only data you should provide is your email and nickname. The password should be strong enough (use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols) to avoid brute-force attacks.

5. Never Create Duplicate Accounts…

We see your logic, and we can say that you have come up with a smart move. Of course, that seems trouble-free: you register two accounts, get identical bonuses, and switch to the account with more wins. There is an issue, though…

When casinos notice such shenanigans, they block you, confiscating everything. If you have the luck to snatch a significant win, say bye-bye to it. Besides, it is way easier to get denylisted than you think! So play it safe and do not risk your money and time.

6. Do Not Claim Every Bonus You See!

We know that the gambling world is full of bonuses and offers, but claiming all of them is a terrible idea! For one, it will take too much of your time to go through all the requirements (wager, max cashout, etc.). Second, some bonuses come with unfriendly terms that are impossible to complete. The best strategy would be to choose several casinos you like and get exclusive offers from their managers.

7. DELETE Your Account if You Will Not Play Anymore!

The casino will charge a fee after a year if your account remains inactive. Of course, that does not happen in 100% of casinos. Yet, such a practice is not a rarity. Letting all your winnings slip is unpleasant enough, but imagine getting a bill for technical maintenance…

Final Words

Losing your money is the worst feeling, especially when you are a beginner. When you start playing in casinos, you might be easily scammed as you have no experience and do not know what to pay attention to. The tips above will help you stay safe and save money for a rainy day.

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