Tips for Saving Money When Moving to Texas

Last Updated on March 4, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Whether you’re planning to move into one of the houses for rent in Austin, TX, purchase a home in San Antonio, Houston, or anywhere else, there’s no doubt it’s an expensive endeavor. As Forbes reports, the average cost of a long-distance move when hiring professionals runs between $2,200 and $5,700.

The better news is that If you’re relocating from a big city on the east or west coast, you’re likely to save money with a cheaper cost of living once you get there, but there are plenty of ways to cut moving costs too.

Eliminate Clutter First

Obviously, the less you have to move, the lower your costs will be. Why would you want to pay for moving things you’ll probably never use? Before packing, get rid of everything you can. You can even make money by selling items that are in good condition. There are many options online, from Craigslist and eBay to Facebook Marketplace, or you might host a garage sale. 

If you don’t have the time to sell your stuff, you can always donate it to help someone else. In many areas, there are both drop-off locations and options for donation pick-ups.

Get Creative When It Comes to Packing Supplies

Moving companies and office supply stores usually sell boxes and other packing supplies, but they can be very pricey, especially if you have a lot of things to pack. However, if you know anyone who has recently moved, they might be willing to give you their boxes so that you can repurpose them and significantly reduce your costs. Don’t forget to ask around on social media too.

You can also use laundry baskets, backpacks, and suitcases to pack all sorts of items inexpensively. There’s probably no need for styrofoam and other packing materials to protect your items either. Use sheets, towels, blankets, and clothing instead.

Pack It Yourself

While movers can pack your items for you, that’s the most time-consuming part of a move, which means if you do it yourself, you can potentially save quite a bit of money. Save even more by having a professional move just the heavy items like furniture.

Move During an ‘Off’ Time

More people move on a summer weekend than any other time of the year. If possible, play your move in the middle of the week or during the spring, fall, or winter, and you might get reduced rates. When moving to Texas from another state with relatively mild weather, winter can potentially mean big discounts. 

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Freeze Meals in Advance

Once your move is down to the wire, all or most of your kitchen items will be packed, which can make it a huge hassle to prepare nutritious dishes. While you could dine out, it not only adds up quickly, but you’ll probably be consuming a lot more calories.

Save some money and your health by making at least a few large batches of meals and freeze them a couple of weeks before you move. Then, all you’ll need is a microwave to heat them, perfect if you have one that’s built-in, but if not, they’re easy to move at the last minute. Some paper plates and disposable utensils will come in handy too.

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