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Washington, DC – Blockbuster movies have been a staple of American culture for decades. The tradition of spending hours checking out what’s new at the local video store or electronically ordering your favorite film to be delivered right to your door has now become an art form. People want to know what movie is worth watching, and when will the next big blockbuster be released. With the availability of streaming sites, anime lovers can watch best ecchi harem anime at their home.

I’ve analyzed this year’s upcoming film releases and found that several new movies being released this year have a good chance of becoming blockbusters. This does not mean every film I’ve selected as a potential blockbuster will become one; however, it does mean that there is a significant chance of becoming one.

This year starts out promising with 5 movies on the list having an 80% or higher chance of being a blockbuster success. If you want to be sure to see this summer’s blockbusters, make sure and check out these films when they first come out in theatres. Here are my Top 5 list of blockbuster movies that will hit theatres this year:

A Civil War epic about a band of Confederate soldiers who escape through perilous terrain in an attempt to regain their honor. This multi-racial ensemble piece is a powerful story filled with anger and redemption that could easily become one of the biggest blockbusters of the year.

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5 New Movie Releases That Will Be Blockbusters

A New Line Cinema action-adventure film that follows a group of mismatched travellers who become heroes during an epic battle for survival against a prehistoric predator.

The story of three former soldiers from the Bosnian War that is hired to extract a scientist from the Balkans. The men must face their own personal demons as well as human trafficking in order to survive.

A gritty Western set in the early 1890s that follows a small-town woman who takes a stand for justice after her husband and father are murdered by wealthy ranchers. The film has an all-star cast including Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Val Kilmer, and Morgan Freeman. If well done, this could be another major blockbuster for Eastwood.

A film I’m personally excited for, the story follows an ex-con who becomes stricken with grief after his daughter dies in a tragic accident. To cope, he takes up puppeteering and soon discovers that his marionette’s sinister personality brings the characters to life. This dark thriller takes place in both his real world and the fictional, darker side of his imagination. This film has a lot of potentials to become this year’s biggest blockbuster success.

These are only a few in what should be another stacked year for blockbusters. There is no doubt that we will see some great films hit theatres this year. Even if you don’t agree with my selections, comment on this article and let me know which movies you think will be blockbusters this year!

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