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You can start with one option and move on to another option later. On the other hand, smartphones have rapidly overtaken the game market. Desktop games, on the other hand, still excel in their visual quality and complexity — take solitaire online  for example. The PC gamer community isn’t going to fade away anytime soon. If you have complex ideas, big ambitions and a budget that fits them, desktop games are the way for you.

If you want to focus on mobile apps, choose between iOS and Android first. According to the Sensor Tower survey, game apps get more downloads on Google Play, but games make more profit on the App Store. However, hosting for the App Store costs $99 per year, and overall, hosting on the Google Store is pretty easy for beginners. Also note that the above calculation does not take into account revenue from in-game apps, which is the most common way to monetize games.

choose your mechanics

After examining your target audience, let’s say you decide to settle for a superhero-themed mobile game for Android. This is the end of your plan and it is still very unclear. Here are some things you can do with the theme:

A game that requires you to form a team of characters and fight them against your opponent’s team.

A game in which you play as a superhero, completing many quests and saving the world.

This is a simple match-3 game, but designed according to the superhero theme.

How do you choose between these options and many more? By studying the development trends of online games in the market.

Trends in the development of online games

The games that dominate the market constantly produce dozens of clones. Some manage to gain the popularity of the original and then fall into oblivion, while others crash and burn. Choosing based on the success of a popular sport is a risk not worth taking. However, there are some fairly safe bets.

Wastage of time

No matter what, people always unknowingly need a fun game. When you’re in a traffic jam or waiting for an appointment, you’ll want to be busy with things you don’t need to think about. for example. The most downloaded games of all time on Google Play include two match 3 games from the Candy Crush series (and by other developers), two different solitaire apps, and two Cooking Dash games.

Augmented reality

The success of Pokémon GO and Jurassic World Alive on mobile platforms has been tremendous. Yes, both these games are tied to a big franchise and contribute to their popularity. However, it is true that AR and VR technologies are on the rise, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. So far, the new projects that adopt them are guaranteed to get little attention.


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Virtual pets are still a favorite of young children. Older audiences want more variety, but people in general like to create and play the world. And to be honest, simulators give you a sense of accomplishment when you just can’t do it in real life. Therefore, these games are always in demand.

Keep in mind that choosing one of these trends means competing with many other apps, including some from the game giants. However, due to the user-friendly game design and interesting settings, the game stands a chance of getting a steady download flow.

If you don’t want to follow the trends of online game development

then no! There are many breakout games that don’t quite fit into any category. A few years ago, Plague Inc. was so irresistible that it was made popular by word of mouth (pun intended solely). The same is true for 2048, Geometry Dash, Helix Jump… and don’t forget Minecraft. Let your imagination run! Your idea could be the next blockbuster that many followers try to imitate.

Whether you play safe or work hard, the most important thing you need is a good development team. Melier Games has been providing game development services since 2010. With over 120 successful projects and a true passion for games across various platforms in our portfolio, you can seamlessly incorporate your ideas into a fully implemented solution. 

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