7 Vintage Barbie Dolls That Might Be Worth a Pretty Penny

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Sixty-three years ago, a tall, stylish, blonde doll hit the market and changed the world of toys forever. Barbara Millicent Roberts, or Barbie for short, became the first doll in history to be mass-produced that wasn’t of the baby variety. 

This sassy bombshell wasn’t originally meant to be a child’s toy, but that’s exactly what she became. Although Barbie dolls are still sought after today, it’s the older versions that can be worth some real money. 

If you have vintage barbie dolls collecting dust in your attic, you could be sitting on a goldmine. Here are seven rare barbies that can fetch you the most money. 

1. The Original Barbie (1959)

If you have an original Barbie in your possession, you are in for one of the biggest payouts. Being the pioneer of the Barbie franchise makes her one of the most valuable Barbie dolls. 

You’ll know you have an original from her black and white striped bathing suit, red lips, and curled hair. Blue eyeshadow and hoop earrings complete her look. 

If you have an original Barbie in pretty good condition, she can be worth up to $8,000. A mint condition original doll could be worth more than three times that amount. 

You’ll have to be sure your Barbie is a first edition if you want a top price. If you aren’t sure, take off your Barbie’s shoes. A first edition has holes in her feet, while a second edition Barbie has feet that are solid plastic. 

2. Lorraine Schwartz Barbie (2010)

Not all the Barbies on our list are from many decades ago. This Lorraine Schwartz doll is one of the rarest barbie dolls because of her accessories. 

Lorraine Schwartz is a jewelry designer to the stars. It’s no wonder a doll created in her likeness is dripping in actual diamonds. 

This red-headed Barbie wears a sleek black dress with a fashionable black scarf on her neck. The glittering diamond earrings, “B” brooch, and shoes are what really steal the show, though. These accessories are worth an eye-popping $25,000!

Although this doll’s outfit is worth a hefty price, this Barbie is sold for less than half of that cost. 

3. Totally Hair Barbie (1992)

This Barbie may not fetch the biggest price tag on our list, but it is one you may actually have stored away. With a psychedelic outfit and Godiva length hair, this Barbie embodied style.

This Barbie was all about the hair. It came with hair gel, clips, and a scrunchie so you could be her own hairdresser. 

Children of the 90s couldn’t stay away from this Barbie. Barbie’s parent company Mattel sold more than ten million of these barbies, making her one of the most popular sold during this era. 

4. Marie Antoinette Barbie (2003) 

If you are a fan of history, be on the lookout for one of these rare barbies from the Women of Royalty Series. Released in 2003, this Marie Antoinette Barbie exudes royalty.

This Barbie wears an intricate French-style gown in powder blue. A large feather in her hat and delicate porcelain rose in her hand finishes the look. Many think the painting that Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun did of Marie inspired this Barbie’s royal look. 

Marie Antoinette has a price tag worth her regal status. She is worth over a thousand dollars in good condition. 

5. De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie (1999)

Barbie celebrated her 40th birthday in true glamour girl style with this doll. The mastermind behind this doll was the diamond company, De Beers. 

This Barbie wears a sheer pink skirt and orange-colored wrap with a small bikini top in gold. She also sports long, black hair and dark lipstick for a sultry look. 

De Beers didn’t forget about the diamonds! A belt with 160 glittering diamonds completes this look. The real diamonds on this doll makes her one of the most expensive Barbie dolls ever sold. 

6. Pink Jubilee Barbie (1989)

Barbie celebrated her 30th birthday in the highest of 80s fashion. Released in 1989, this Barbie was given to guests as a present at her 30th birthday celebration. 

Pink Jubilee Barbie wears a silver dress complete with a drop-waist skirt. The only thing bigger than the shoulder pads on her dress is her curled, blonde hair. Blue eyeshadow and statement earrings make up the rest of her ensemble. 

This Barbie is rare because of the limited quantity made. If you were one of the lucky guests to score one of these dolls, you could make several hundred dollars. 

7. Barbie in Midnight Red (1965)

This brunette doll is one of the more rare Barbies you can find because of the color of her outfit. The sophisticated lady is dressed in a strapless gown capped with a fur-lined cape. Long, white gloves and a dainty ribbon tied in her hair finish up her look. 

Barbie in Midnight Red has two companions in blue and pink. Each of these barbies has the same outfit but in different colors. The blue version of this doll has black hair, while the pink doll has shorter curled hair. 

A 2006 auction brought throngs of people who came to see Barbie in Midnight Red. She wasn’t expected to sell for much but surprised everyone when she sold for thousands. 

Selling Your Vintage Barbie Dolls Can Earn You Some Serious Dough

Next time you are doing some spring cleaning, be on the lookout for any of these vintage barbie dolls. If you find one, you could sell it to a collector for some serious cash. 

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