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Healthcare is perhaps one of the fastest-growing careers in the modern world. The demand for professionals in healthcare is undoubtedly much higher than in any other profession and seems to only be growing with time. There are several students who choose to pave their path into the medical profession. However, not many have it as easy as it seems. The staggering income is truly a huge attraction. You must consider several other factors. This guide provides in-depth navigation of your route for a career in healthcare! 


Unquestionably, education is the foremost decisive factor in whether you can have a career in medicine or not. On your journey to a medical profession, it is essential to have adequate education and, in most cases, degrees acquired before jumping into a professional job. While the demands to be a certified doctor, for example, differ from country to country, a bachelor’s degree and a license to practice medicine are a must. 

Healthcare Administrator

However, it is important to note that a medical degree is not the only way to get a job in the healthcare sector. Business degrees could help you land a job as a healthcare administrator. A healthcare administrator) looks over monitoring healthcare providers’ operations. The healthcare administrator oversees the day-to-day operations of the institution or department, be it a clinic, a hospital, etc. Healthcare administration salaries seem to fluctuate. However, they can prove to be promising in this sector. 

This job requires immense leadership skills since the risks involved are higher than those in a normal business job. It also requires flexibility and the need to adapt to the situations in case of emergencies.  


Perhaps one of the most common positions in this profession is a physician. Physicians are certified doctors who work on a little safer side of the medical profession than surgeons, for example. A career as a physician usually refers to having shifts in different clinics or hospitals and diagnosing patients with normal day-to-day illnesses usually. Once a physician has gained adequate experience and is trusted, they can earn a handsome income in this profession. 


As the name suggests, surgeons are doctors who perform complex surgeries on patients for a living. For a career as a surgeon, it is important to consider which type of surgeries you would be able to master. There are numerous branches of surgeries, including cardiothoracic, neurology, gynecology, etc. 

Undoubtedly, this field provides one of the highest salaries in the profession. However, it comes at a price. To be a surgeon, one has to continuously educate themselves regarding everyday developing technologies in medicine and adapt to them. Furthermore, one must show immense mental strength while dealing with patients and families during life-or-death scenarios. This factor remains much underrated in this field, and the toll on mental health can sometimes be difficult to cope with. 


The field of nursing has not received the appreciation and recognition deserved in healthcare. Nurses are important members of society today because they have always proved to be the face of hospitals while educating patients. Good nursing makes a huge part of the experience a patient goes through. 

Nurses are required to work simultaneously with doctors and assist them in various tasks, including analyzing vitals, performing emergency procedures, etc. The amount of salary a nurse receives is significantly different from that of doctors, for example, and a career in nursing does not require a higher level of medical education. 

Patient Caretakers

Patient caretakers are professionals who provide nursing and medical assistance to patients once they are discharged. These caretakers may be present 24/7 with the patient and provide medication, diet, and analyze vitals. 

These caretakers are usually for old, aged patients who are discharged from hospitals but have not yet completely recovered. They are also present for patients who have had a recent injury and are unable to function their limbs temporarily in case of fractures. These caretakers are well versed in their responsibilities and are fairly educated on what measures to take in case things go south. The education demands and salary are both lower than usual for doctors. 

Disability Support

The Disability Support Worker is a support worker who works with people with a disability. Whether this is in their homes, at a hospital, or as a Community Services Provider like the NDIS. As a disability support worker you will provide support to people who have a disability to enable them to live their lives to the full, by helping with daily activities, providing information, advice, and monitoring, and by acting as a buddy, advocate, coach and friend.

To be accredited you can complete a Cert 4 Disability, which will teach you the roles and responsibilities that come with the job. This job can be quite diverse and range from 24/7 care, as a part of a hospitals support network, or as a part of an agency providing disability care. Disability Support is a rewarding and challenging job.


Physiotherapy is one very important factor in recovery for patients who have sustained injuries or multiple surgeries due to any sickness. This therapy is offered by physiotherapists, another sector of this vast healthcare. 

Their role includes providing different massages as needed to help relax sore muscles and allow blood circulation. Physiotherapists play a vital part in the recovery of bones or tissues if one has had an accident and are well aware of how and where to apply the exact amount of pressure, for example. 

The healthcare sector is undoubtedly vast and seems to be ever-growing, so an entry into this career in the future does seem promising. The choices are innumerable to make in this sector. However, it is important to note that there is a significant jump in the salaries and the years of education and experience demanded in certain roles in this sector!

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