5 Ways To Better Cope With Feelings Of Loneliness

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If you’re feeling lonely lately, you can at least take comfort that this emotion is felt by all sorts of people from all walks of life, so you are not alone in this condition. Loneliness can be the symptom of various life events such as moving to a new city, a breakup, or the death of a loved one. 

Loneliness can take an emotional and physical toll on your well-being in the long term, so it’s important to know that these feelings are temporary, and you have the power to take action toward making yourself feel better. Here are some tips you can try when you find yourself feeling lonely:

Accept How You Feel

Ignoring your feelings of loneliness is not conducive to working through them properly. After you’ve accepted that this is how you feel, a good next step would be to talk to someone you trust to process these negative emotions. Try seeing a therapist, for example, who can equip you with coping strategies that will help you combat your feelings of loneliness. You can also talk to a friend or other loved one who will be receptive when you express to them that you’re feeling isolated. BetterHelp, for instance, is an excellent resource for learning more about how taking care of your mental health can keep feelings of loneliness at bay. 

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media can either make you feel extremely connected, or more alienated from the fun than ever before. Which is it for you? Online social networks such as dating apps or multi-player games can be a great way to interact with various people and make you feel engaged with the outside world. However, on the flip side, the world wide web can exacerbate feelings of loneliness by throwing people’s best moments in your face and reminding you that it’s something you lack. If you’re feeling like social media is doing more harm than good for your mental health, maybe that is a sign to go on a detox. 

Contribute To Your Community

Unless you live in a magical utopia, there’s always someplace that could use your help. Volunteer opportunities are typically plentiful whether you live in a big or small city. They can be an excellent avenue for meeting new people and feeling more connected to your community. Helping others also helps you feel happy and emotionally fulfilled. Bonus points if you volunteer for a cause that means something to you, such as volunteering at a seniors center, a children’s hospital, an animal shelter, etc.  

Join A Local Club

You don’t have to go at it alone if you have a particular interest! Try visiting an online community platform like Meetup, where you can find local groups that engage in activities of interest to you, like a romance book club. These sites help you filter through groups based on specific interests, location, and more. These groups often meet in person and are a great way to get to know people who are into the same kinds of things you are and even build long-lasting friendships. These groups are convenient because you get to meet them at specific frequencies and nurture these relationships like you would when you were at school. 

Prioritize Your Self-Care

When there’s no one else around, you are your best company. Remember to take care of yourself when you’re not busy focusing on your connections to other people. Engage in regular physical activity to release endorphins, also known as happy hormones, to elevate your mood. Get plenty of sunshine, and eat a healthy, balanced diet free of too many processed sugars and alcohol. And of course, get plenty of sleep as poor sleep habits can negatively affect your mental health and ultimately aggravate your feelings of loneliness. 

When practicing self-care, consider keeping a prayer journal. Use your prayer journal to speak to God or a higher being that you believe in. Write about your experiences, realizations, personal goals, and thoughts. Keeping a prayer journal will help you clear mental clutter and achieve a sense of peace. They’re an excellent tool for relieving stress and building a positive mental attitude.

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