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What you look like as a company says a lot about what you do and who you are. Large bright pink lettering in your logo sends a different signal than small dark blue lines but each can be equally memorable when done in an aesthetically pleasing way. Once you have a quality logo you feel reflects the heart of your company, here are some ideas of what you can do with your look to get it out in your community and spread the word about your business using this visual entity. 

1. Partnerships

Every business has an audience it is trying to reach, and if you partner with a company that has a similar audience with a different product, advertising your logo with theirs breeds brand recognition for you with customers you want but might not have reached yet. Research marketing and ask what is customer data platform to use the necessary tools for successfully utilizing your customer’s information most efficiently. For instance, a jewelry artist may partner with a photographer by using both logos in campaigns. 

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2. Giveaways

Free merchandise is always a great idea to get your logo out in your city. There are many different pieces that you can use your look on, including mugs, clothing, office supplies, stickers and magnets. This way, your present and future clients have something tangible to remind them of you every time they go to their refrigerator or pour some coffee. All or any of these options can be printed in bulk for the best prices and can be used in lots of situations. They can be handed out at booths during county fairs or festivals, at community fundraisers or at special events. Any time there is business communication, whether it be electronically or on paper, your logo should be there as a visual representation of your company. 

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3. Scavenger Hunts

One way to engage your community and get your logo recognizable to a wide audience is to take a printed version of it to at least 12 different locations in your city, take photos of it, and then feature these photos as a scavenger hunt for people to search for to be eligible for a prize drawing when completed. Designing the hunt to be in a walkable area is user-friendly, such as an art district or downtown area. It is important to have space on the scavenger hunt handout for participants to be able to write down where they find each logo. If you want to partner with a local business and put your logo somewhere on their building, that is a great way to bring them recognition, as well. This method of utilizing your logo will take planning and time but can be fun and a way to reach people you wouldn’t meet otherwise. It will also give you material for social media and website posts.

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4. Diverse Materials

Think outside the box and use a variety of materials to design your logo for marketing purposes. If you have a curved green part of your look, try substituting a bean. If you are a hairstylist, you can use pieces of hair in the shape of your logo. These changes are not meant to be the permanent logo but can be used during sales or promotions to use the same shape of your look and to offer some diversity to your customers for that specific time. Continuity is important but it is also valuable to keep your clients interested in what you are producing and switching up something as visual as your logo can provide customers with a different take on your look while still maintaining your identity. 

Your company logo is your visual statement to the world and can be utilized in many different ways including on campaigns with other companies, on materials for giving away in the community or the mail, as the focus of a local scavenger hunt or in diverse materials for promotions.

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