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Nurses in Baton Rouge have been given opportunities to grow their careers since the pandemic started. If you are a nurse and looking for opportunities then learn more about the basic things nurse needs, in this way you can be ready to grab the opportunity that will be presented to you. There are a lot of nurse staffing agencies that can help you get the job you need as long as you prepare yourself for the nurse jobs in Baton Rouge.

Things to Know as a Nurse

Know the Patient’s Diagnosis and Health History

As a nurse, you should scan the record of your patients, especially their medical history so you can have an idea of what the patients need and what are their restrictions. As a nurse, it is your duty to give the right care and verify medications that are given to your patients. You should be knowledgeable about what is allowed and not allowed under their condition. The diagnosis is important since t state the exact condition your patient has, therefore you have to know so you know what approach is right for the patient. 

Know the Patient’s Allergies

As a nurse, you should be aware of the allergies of your patients so you won’t cause them harm when giving them medication. Always ask your doctors for the right medication to make you won’t be introducing a drug that can trigger their allergies. Always make sure to check on the patient’s allergy before you proceed with any medication. 

Know the Patient’s Code Status

As a nurse, you should know how to respond when your patient codes. You have to know if your patient is code or DNR (do not resuscitate), when the patient is a full code then the medical team needs to intervene while in DNR no intervention is needed. You should also educate your patient about the code so they can be aware of what is going on when such situations. 

Know the Patient’s Lab and Testing Results

Lab and testing results can tell what your patients need, therefore as a nurse, you should know how to interpret the laboratory procedure as well as you know how the process is done. You might not be the one ecstasy doing the test however you are part of the process and you have to know what each test represents so you know what approach to give to your patients when t comes to medication and other related situations. 

Know the Patient’s Diet Status

Know the details about the patient’s diet such as, if the patient is allowed to eat, do they have the capacity to eat on their own, and if there are foods that are not allowed to them. There are instances where the patient is on a renal diet, soft diet, cardiac diet or have difficulty swallowing therefore you have to be knowledgeable as a nurse. The diet status can affect the overall condition of the patient that’s why you have to be aware of the patient’s diet. 

Know Your Patient’s Baseline Health Status

Monitor the vital signs of the patient to know if they are in a good condition or not. In that way, you can give the needed medication or procedure if the vital of the patient are not stable. You should also have a record of their normal vital signs different people have different vital signs. In that way, you can tell if the patient is on normal vital signs or not. 

As a nurse, it pays to know all the necessary information about your patient to know how to give the right medication and care they need. The goal is to give progress to the patient’s condition and taking all the information can help fasten their recovery as as well meet the care they need. As a nurse enhance your knowledge and skills on how to perform the necessary procedures and duties when you are on your shift. Know the basics so you can be an efficient nurse and be able to hit your goal which is to give progress to the condition of your patient in a positive way. Always work with your team and relay important information for the benefit of the patient. 

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