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The use of metrics in software development is an essential factor to make things work in the proper direction. The developer’s team can have better foresight regarding their operations and future steps. Click here to learn more about the various types of software metrics. However, here is the list of the most effective Jira metrics that you can use to amplify your business. 


In Jira and in agile, velocity is the most famous metric. It helps to determine how your team is going and look into the mistakes that you are making so that you can focus on the mistakes and rectify them. Velocity value means how many stories points your team has completed. Hight the velocity, the higher the number of story points completed. 

Cycle time

It is indeed a great alternative to velocity. It is the time the developer’s team starts work on a project till the time it gets delivered to the customer. It helps to determine the whole software inefficiencies.

Defect ratio

It is the time taken to complete a project after finding defects and rectifying them. Jira metrics allows you to introduce filters and dashboards to create sprint report and defect the defect ratio of the given sprint.

Sprint burndown 

It shows the amount of work that needs to be completed in a given sprint. Setting a goal helps the team to finish the work in the given goal. 

Thus it helps other Jira metrics to get information about the health and productivity of the developer’s team. You can get an idea about how the team is in handling the work pressure so that you can assign more work to the team to meet the goals and think of a plan to improve the productivity of the team that is not meeting the goals.

Epic burndown 

Epic in the software development field is given to the big story. It is important to check the amount of work a team has done in epic and the amount of work that is left to do. It helps the developer’s team to see the performance of the team and work on the shortcomings. This will help you to form an idea about the team and assign them to work accordingly. 


Jira matrics will help to contribute to the performance of your team and also ensure that you have a better understanding of the work style of that team.

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