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What is SADI-S surgery, and what steps are involved in SADI-S bariatric procedure?

What is SADI-S surgery, and what steps are involved in SADI-S bariatric procedure?

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Introduction to SADI-S surgery

The SADI-S procedure involves a sleeve gastrectomy and a duodenal-ileal diversion. SADI-S stands for Single Anastomosis Duodenal-Ileal bypass with Sleeve Gastrectomy.  It is a beneficial surgery for people having obesity problems. The surgery was introduced three decades ago and helped a lot to control weight. This surgery takes less time. It is the intestinal bypass and minimizes the possibility of intestinal leakage.

SADI-S bariatric procedure

In 2007, SADI-S came into the medical literature. There are limited numbers of people in the overall world who have information about it and perform this surgery. A SADI-S surgery is a procedure that involves several steps in which weight loss can be achieved.

  • In addition to its two-stage approach, a malabsorption procedure shortens the route in which digested food travels through the intestines. It is one of the advantages of the two-stage surgical approach.
  • In malabsorption surgery, the connection of the stomach sleeve is made with a loop of the small intestine. It happens when most of the bowel is bypassed. During the bypass procedure, food passes through only ten feet of the small intestine, so fat and calories are absorbed quickly.
  • Due to its small incision, SADI-S can remove less of the intestine than other bariatric procedures, increasing nutrient absorption. Vitamin supplementation is a crucial need for all your remaining life.
  • The leaking content chance is reduced in the body cavity from the intestine. The internal hernia describes the single connection, which eliminates the risk of future obstruction of the bowel.
  • The laparoscope, a long, thin tube with a camera at the leading edge, is used by many bariatric surgeons for both phases of the SADI-S procedure. A small incision is made after the general anesthesia administration so that the instrument can be inserted into the abdomen.

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