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Everyone wants to suit up in the best possible way at the events. Where it is easier for men to choose their outfits for formal occasions, women usually fall victim to indecisiveness regarding what to wear at ceremonial events. Acccording to Surrey Wedding Photographer Moritz Schmittat Wedding events are not only important for the bride and groom, but every guest wants to dress themselves up in an elegant and charming manner. For women, there are several attires and textures that can be adorned. A simple fashion-nova style guide for weddings is listed here in this article.

Choose According to the Season

It is necessary for the guests to look forwards to the comfort when dressing up for an event. Always try to choose a dress that compliments the weather conditions. For summer or spring weddings opt for floral printed, pastel-colored, breathable light fabrics like chiffon, cotton, linen, and rayon to stay cool; whereas for winter or fall season try to go for darker tones of velvet, suede, faux fur, or any other thick fabric.

Look for Cuts

The cuts and tailoring of dresses that you wear matter a lot. A neatly stitched dress with a different styled cut looks elegant to wear, whereas a roughly tailored dress can bring your whole look down. Before you buy a dress or get it stitched, always wear it to pre-test its final look on you. It is not necessary that the cuts or styles we see on others can also be flaunted by our body type.formal maxi dresses in Australia with beautiful cuts and styles can be easily bought online.

Say No to White

Wedding event suggests white for the bride only. It’s her day and only she should glamourize this color. For other guests, it is highly recommended to avoid wearing white. If you really want to go for white, try considering a variant of white, like swan blue, and pale yellow, or a darker tone of off-white.

Try Going Eastern

Eastern wedding wears are quite heavy and embellished; however, if you are into eastern wedding dresses you can attempt to carry them at a wedding event. The heavily embroidered skirts with a plain blouse can be a good choice for an evening wedding ceremony. There are other options too when it comes to eastern wear, but obviously one has to remain with the theme of the event as well, and opting for other attire like sari or shalwar kameez would not do justice to your look.

Use Accessories

Wedding events are all about glamming up. You can uplift your look by adding simple yet catchy accessories to your attires. A diamond necklace, a set of pearly earrings, a jeweled bracelet, or a hair garland can make your overall look much enhanced. Do not overdo your accessories, opt for two or three well-designed pieces and complete your look with them.

Shoe Matter

Be very particular about what you wear on your feet. Shoes can change the whole look of your dress. High heels are best recommended for a wedding event, but being comfortable is also important so make sure your heels are easy to carry. 

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