Zorb Ball

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You might have come across various viral videos of people in a large and flexible ball. These are known as “Zorb Balls.” They are made of PVC or TPU. People inside the ball are known as “Zorbonauts.” You can do several activities, such as sphering or rolling downhill. These fun sports, or zorbing, can be performed at home!

You can buy it right now and enjoy the experience at home with your friends and family. This guide will cover everything you need to one about these balls. So, get ready to find your new favorite toy!

All You Need To Know About Zorb Balls


Zorb ball is an invention of New Zealand. Surprisingly, its origin isn’t that old. Andrew Akers and Dwane Van Der Sluis invented zorbing in 1994. Ever since then, it has spread to various countries. It is most popular in Australia, England, Japan, the United States, and Canada.

These are made of soft and lightweight materials. Thus, they allow motion forward and backward without a lot of effort. Their other names include orbs, big spheres, or hamster balls.

If you are worried about the size, it can easily fit two or three people, depending on the type you buy. Larger zorbs have enough space to fit a small car. Speaking of cars, these balls can reach up to 25 mph of speed. You can find different sizes and designs on various online stores, such as Kameymall.

Types of Zorb Balls

There are mainly two types of zorbs, harnessed and non-harnessed. The former can include upto two persons. As the name suggests, it has a harness similar to seatbelts. These allow the riders to stay in one position while zorbing. If you have no experience with an orb, this one’s the best bet for you.

On the other hand, non-harnessed zorbs have no harnesses. However, it can easily fit up to three persons simultaneously. The best part about this type is that it provides room for riders to bounce around in the orb. But, if you have no experience, this one can be a bit tricky for you.

What Can You Do With a Zorb Ball?

Going Downhill

The most popular sport with it is rolling downhill. You can enjoy it with your friends and family members because the more, the merrier. Going down on the steep ground can be a lot of fun.

But, make sure to pick a safe ground that does not have a rough surface. Controlling your speed downhill can be quite difficult if there are cracks or pebbles in the way. You can set up a gentle slope in your home and enjoy zorbing with your loved ones

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Racing can be a lot of fun activity with other people. Create a starting point and set up some ground rules. Tell all the members to roll all the way and see who reaches the ending line first.

You can even enjoy this activity with children on flat surfaces as there are no issues with it.


It is a dream for children to bounce in a bubble. Well, this is the closest to that. An orb can help your kids to get in and hop safely. That’s because these balls are made of durable materials.This can minimize the impact of any fall or bump. Therefore, it is completely safe for your kids.

Underwater Fun

A popular zorbing sport is to go on an aquatic ride. You can use your home pool for this. All you need is to get in the orb and jump into the water. It is known as hydro zorbing and is a ton of fun.


Yes, wrestling is a game you can play with. And, it is quite fun, to say the least. Two or more people get into separate orbs. Then, they roll into each other. There’s a restricted area, and the person who goes out of it loses. It is a bit like sumo wrestling but put the wrestlers in giant orbs.

Where To Get A Zorb Ball?

Many parks and recreational areas offer zorbing. There is a certain rent to pay for a limited time. While it may be enjoyable, the experience does not last long. Plus, it can be quite expensive too.

Well, you can get an orb for your home. It will allow you to have fun with your kids, friends, and other family members whenever you want. You can buy one right now at a very affordable price from Kameymall.


This ball can be a memorable experience with your loved ones. With all of its sports, you can never get bored. And, the best part is it is quite an affordable toy.

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