Blazblue central fiction tier list

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Introduction to BlazBlue:

It is a video game that was initially released in Japan. Now it is available in the United States too. It is a 2-dimensional fighting game developed by the Arc system works, released in the November of 2015. Anyone can play the game in single-player mode, as well as multiplayer video game mode. It is not designed for mobiles neither android or iOS but for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft windows. The main storyline of this game is 40 hours long and has separate acts to play.

Characters of BlazBlue:

The main characters of BlazBlue, which can be divided into two categories depending upon their release, are listed below. The traits of all the characters are discussed here, along with their names. There are two different releases of the game that are:

  • Arcade release
  • Console release

The members of each release are as follows:

Arcade release:

  • Hibiki Kohaku
  • Naoto Kurogane
  • Nine the Phantom
  • Hades Izanami

Console release:

  • Es
  • Mai Natsume
  • Jubei

Famous Personalities of Blazblue central fiction

Now, we will discuss the personality of each character one by one.

  • The character Hibiki Kohaku is the assistant of Kagura. This character pretends to be loyal to his master but in fact he is planning to kill him in cold blood.
  • The character Naoto Kurogane is the main flag bearer of the BlazBlue Central Fiction game. He gave up his life at the order of Raquel to sae the world.
  • The character Nine is a witch and one of the Six Heroes. She is also called as phantom as she is a part of Phantom of Labyrinth.
  • The character Hades Izanami is the main villain of the BlazBlue Central Fiction.
  • Es is the main character of one of the other series of BlazBlue named XBlaze spinoff series but he appears in this series as a guest.
  • The next character Mai Natsume is the main standard-bearer of the Remix Heart series, and its sequel appears in the Variable Heart manga.
  • The character Susanoo is only unlocked after finishing the story of one of the characters of BlazBlue Central Fiction.
  • The last main character is Jubei who was not released initially with the game. It was released earlier in Japan and later in the United States.

How is Blazblue played?

How is Blazblue played?

In this game, there are a lot of different characters. Each character has a different job, a different living style, and a different storyline. So, we can choose the players to make their own stories. At some stages, the stories of different characters are intermixed and become interesting in this way. The game will go on as we make choices for the characters. It is mainly a fighting game, so we have to make strategies for our player to attack his enemy in a certain way that he can never be defeated. We can gather weapons like arcades for him to attack. We can train our players. And the player’s health bar is shown on the screen, which is depleted with each progressive attack. We have to keep an eye on the health bar and make an effort to maintain or restore it; otherwise, we will be vanquished from the game.

Other versions of BlazBlue:

BlazBlue central fiction is one type of game. The other versions of this game are listed below:

  1. BlazBlue anime
  2. BlazBlue arcade
  3. BlazBlue: Calamity trigger
  4. BlazBlue Cross tag battle
  5. BlazBlue: Chrono phantasama
  6. BlazBlue Central fiction characters

The Blazblue central fiction tier list as of year 2022:

The Blazblue central fiction tier list as of year 2022:

The tier list of BlazBlue central fiction as updated by the year 2022 is given below. The names of the characters, along with their scores, are given here:

The character Nine has scored 194.8 points.

The character Izayoi has scored 188.7 points.

The character Izanami has scored 187.9 points.

The character Jin has scored 186.9 points.

The character Carl has scored 186.4 points.

The character Rachel has scored 186.1 points.

The character Jubei has scored 185.4 points.

The character Mu-12 has scored 185.2 points.

The character Nu-13 has scored 182.1 points.

The character Litchi has scored 181.8 points.

The character Azrael has scored 181.6 points.

The character Kokonoe has scored 180.5 points.

The character Lambda has scored 180.4 points.

The character Mai has scored 179.6 points.

The character Arakune has scored 179.1 points.

The character Hakumen has scored 178.4 points.

The character Es has scored 178.2 points.

The character Valkenhayn has scored 177.4 points.

The character Tsubaki has scored 177.0 points.

The character Hazama has scored 175.1 points.

The character Platinum has scored 174.1 points.

The character Celica has scored 173.7 points.

The character Relius has scored 173.2 points.

The character Amane has scored 170.7 points.

The character Hibiki has scored 169.2 points.

The character Ragna has scored 169.0 points.

The character Susanoo has scored 165.0 points.

The character Naoto has scored 165.4 points.

The character Taokaka has scored 164.2 points.

The character Kagura has scored 164.0 points.

The character Tager has scored 160.5 points.

The character Terrumi has scored 159.7 points.

The character Bang has scored 157.9 points.

The character Bullet has scored 156.8 points.

The character Makoto has scored 156.0 points.

The character Noel has scored 155.2 points.

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Did the stories of BlazBlue Central Fiction have an ending?

No, not all the stories have an ending in the recent update. Only three characters including Ragna, jin, and Noel’s story are completed.

Which character is on the top of BlazBlue Central Fiction tier list?

Nine is the best of all the characters in the BlazBlue central fiction, with the highest score of 194.8.

Does BlazBlue Central Fiction have an English dubbed version?

No, there is not an English dubbed version of the game, and the producers of the game say that they are not even planning to make a dubbed version in the near future.

From where did the idea of the name BlazBlue Central Fiction come from?

The producers of the game say that it is derived from the Greek word “blassblau.” The meaning of this greek work is pale blue.

According to the game, what year is it in the BlazBlue Central Fiction?

The year shown in the game BlazBlue Central Fiction isĀ AD 2110/01/01.

What is the BlazBlue Central Fiction story?

In the story mode, each character will be given different choices to make, which will sum up to be his life story at the end.

Is the name BlazBlue Central Fiction the first thought of the developers?

Initially, it was supposed to be named blue blood, so is the name BlazBlue meaning pale blue in the Greek language.


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