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Today’s fast-paced world calls for every stock market trader to stay updated with the latest market movements. The modern stock traders have to keep tabs on rising and fall in stocks on an hourly and daily basis. This is where high-speed internet and convenient mobile apps come into play. Trading analysis app is responsible for making trading life simple, fast, and more efficient. Be it streaming the real-time stock prices in the market, drawing stock charts, creating a virtual portfolio, and tracking it by following market trends. This article will discuss the best trading analysis app in India.

Best Trading Analysis App For Indian Stock Market


StockEdge by Elearnmarkets is unparalleled as one of India’s best trading analysis app. The sole focus of this application is to allow stock market investors and traders to conduct self-research.

Essential tools are offered to conduct technical research, fundamental research, and derivative research to understand the framework quickly. In addition, relevant analytics and visualizations help users in helpful decision-making.

Key features and benefits

Trading analysis made easy with StockEdge;

offers daily updates on filtered market tracking in the form of news, forthcoming events, NSE and BSE announcements, and corporate actions.

Provide visualization of daily, monthly, or annual historical data or information for FPI/FII and DII cash and derivatives.

Potential opportunity scans may include the following – price scans, last month high/low, last week high/low, three days price behavior, 52 weeks high/low, and so.

Keep a watch on the work of top Indian investors. MyInvestorGroup section may be used to establish one’s investor group with different entities and names.

The Sector Research section comprises the sector lists, businesses within an industry or sector, industries, gainers, losers, and the price movement over the past month in a simple graphical display.


Tickertape by Smallcase Technologies Private Limited is a relatively new yet popular trading and stock analysis app in India. It is a content and data network for ETFs, stocks, and other relevant investment instruments. This application allows users to create their screener criteria. Users may access it by paying a six-month or a yearly subscription fee upfront.

Key features and benefits

  1. Detailed stock analysis is available for around 4534 listed public trading firms in India,
  2. Analyze Indian stocks with the help of 130 filters on Advanced Screener.
  3. A market sentiment indicator called the Market Modd Index, or MMI, is trusted to time the trading bids accurately.
  4. Benefits a user’s investment decision with the help of presented news, peer comparisons, headlines and events.
  5. The Broker Connect tool allows users to log in and connect the broker’s account to the Tickertape account.
  6. Offers an updated view of every stock, their block deals and their insider trades.
  7. Users may secure shortcodes for all stocks that they may use on their website for displaying specific stock rates with the search option.


It is a top trading analysis app in India to remain updated with the latest stock market news in the Indian and global financial markets. The user interface is simple and covers multiple assets ranging from MCX, NSE, BSE to NCDEX exchanges. It allows users to keep track of Indices, Stocks, Options, Futures, Mutual Funds, Currencies, and Commodities.

Key features and benefits

Easily navigate the available financial portfolio, data, message board, and watchlist. It also offers a search bar with a voice search option for stocks, mutual funds, indices, news, and commodities.

  1. Besides senior management interviews, it offers all-around news coverage related to the business, markets, and economy.
  2. Easy portfolio monitoring across mutual funds, stocks bullion, and ULIPs. Besides, the user receives timely portfolio performance updates and news alerts related to their held stocks.
  3. Users may add stocks, commodities, mutual funds, futures, and currencies into their favorite list and receive alerts on the corporate action.

It is a platform for the global financial market offering data, charts, prices, breaking news, financial tools, and analysis in real-time from 250 exchanges across 44 languages. It receives over 21 million monthly subscribers and over 189 million visits.

Key features and benefits

  1. Its iOS and Android applications serve as a one-stop experience holder for traders and investors.
  2. Provides live quotes and charts for around 300,000 financial products traded in over 70 worldwide exchanges.
  3. Get a detailed analysis of available world indexes and international stock markets.
  4. Users can create their personalized watchlists to keep track of their share quotations, indices, commodities, ETFs, and bonds for free of cost.
  5. This application offers forecasts, breaking news, videos, and a good insight into the technology, business, and political aspects.
  6. It offers access to different in-app tools beneficial for trading like economic calendar, technical summary, earning calendar, currency converter, advanced and market quotes.

Market Mojo

The final trading analysis app on this list is Market Mojo, an impartial equities research platform. It was established as a financial investment analysis platform based on Big Data Analysis in 2016. Relatively new, this app serves as an excellent tool for fundamental research in the stock market. The app offers comprehensive coverage and unbiased data to traders and investors across companies trading publicly.

Key features and benefits

  1. Offers stock recommendations like buy/hold/sell stock for all the available 4000 stocks, assisting users in making intelligent investment decisions.
  2. With the help of the app, users can figure out the stocks most ideal for their investment style.
  3. The model portfolios offer assistance in developing an unbiased and disciplined investment strategy.
  4. The paid version of the app provides users with stock information and access to the Mojo dashboard. Mojo Dots, monthly stocks, and analysis reports.
  5. Statistics are also available on management and business quality besides capital growth and structural aspects.
  6. The financial trends analyses a firm’s nearing financial success over the last few quarters.
  7. The technical indication captures a company’s volume momentum and price involve din the financial stock market.

Apart from the aforementioned stock analysis apps, some other well-known apps include the BSE India app. Economic Finance, TradingView, and Yahoo Finance.

Features of a good stockanalysis app

Transparent and trusted stock market research

For understanding the stocks on a platform, consider the details offered by the stock research tools on the app. It must provide actionable data for stock evaluation and quick investment decisions.

Fair price listing

Most stock research and analysis apps come with a free trial of their demo product for users to understand if it suits their needs. When considered, the service charges may be payable monthly or annually. Those trading apps must be chosen that meet specific user needs while keeping the pay to the minimum.

Uses of fundamental and technical analysis

The fundamental analysis relies heavily upon business performance, asset and liability management, and their utility for growth. On the contrary, technical research focuses on price action as an indication for buying and selling stock. A combination of both offers a good choice of stocks suitable for a user portfolio.

Bottom line

By now, aspiring investors and traders reading the article must be accustomed to the best trading analysis app for the Indian market. Moreover, mobile trading is gaining popularity with increasing days.

Investing in stock market analysis and research apps may seem unnecessary. However, if the cards are played right, it may lead to more returns than the initial cost. Think wisely! Happy trading!

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