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The number of people seeking dental treatment has significantly increased compared to in the past. It is due to the majority of individuals wanting a better appearance of their teeth. Whether it is a dentist’s proposal or your personal decision to acquire braces, you have to choose the type of treatment suitable for you. The good thing is you do not have to wear unattractive metal braces. Instead, you can choose between advanced invisible braces Invisalign treatment. It is a delicate and innovative form of teeth straighteners provided at Hillsboro Dental Excellence. Settling on the best treatment is not a simple choice; therefore, you should consider various aspects.

The focus is to align your teeth and achieve proper oral hygiene with minimal interference in your daily routine. Additionally, the best treatment choice is based on the recommendation from your orthodontist, priorities, and individual preference. Some of the factors to consider are;


In this case, your dentist should advise you on the choice that is suitable for you. It depends on the objectives that you want to achieve with your dental treatment. However, ceramic braces are ideal in individuals with severe dental conditions. These comprise overbites, underbites, misaligned jaws, and severe overcrowding. Invisalign treatment is also effective in managing several cases that are less severe. Invisalign treatment does not cause much pain because the straighteners’ function gradually gives you the best smile.

The cost and Time of Treatment

The cost of treatment in both Invisalign and ceramic braces is determined by the materials utilized, personal practices, and the client’s condition. Your area of residence could also determine the cost of treatment. Usually, the price of clear braces ranges between $2,500 and $8,000. The price of Invisalign treatment is based on the number of trays that you need. It is determined by the condition of your teeth and the desired outcome. The cost ranges from $3,500 to $8,000. Hillsboro Dental Excellence provides the best price on Invisalign treatment. You are only required to pay between $108 and $150 monthly. It is after spending $250 with accepted simple financing.

Ceramic braces are usually firmly fixed to your teeth, therefore, continuously functioning to straighten your teeth. This treatment, however, lasts for approximately two years, while an ordinary person may take between 16 to 18 months of intervention. When it comes to Invisalign, you are required to put them for 22-24 hours daily. It is to improve its effectiveness and avoid interfering with the treatment process.


 The process of aligning your teeth is usually uncomfortable despite the treatment option that you decide to use. However, Invisalign is more convenient than ceramic braces as it does not put much pressure on your teeth. The clear braces might bruise your tongue or inner lips. You can remove your Invisalign before meals which won’t restrict you to a particular diet.


The most significant difference between Invisalign and ceramic braces is their appearance. In this case, Invisalign looks better compared to the ceramic braces as one can hardly notice them. The Invisalign trays are made from transparent plastic material, while ceramic braces are colored brackets. At the same time, confident children might prefer choosing the various tooth-colored brackets. Invisalign is the preferred choice among senior teenagers and multiple professionals who are uncomfortable with ceramic braces.


The cleaning procedure is one of the significant variations between ceramic braces and Invisalign. The fixed braces are more challenging to clean because you have to ensure that your teeth are adequately cleaned. You also require regular check-ups with your dentist to examine your progress, prevent tooth decay, sore gums, and tooth discoloration. You will also be given tiny pieces of wax to manage the discomfort of braces in your mouth. On the other hand, Invisalign treatment does not require regular visits to your dentist as the maintenance procedure is simple.

Both the Invisalign and the clear braces are suitable for people who need to align their teeth without using wires and metal brackets. Ceramic braces are more suitable for clients with severe cases and would like to achieve results within a shorter period. Invisalign is best suited for people with minor to average issues. It is also effective for individuals that prefer the convenience of tray aligners. Hillsboro Dental Experience provides free consultation for its clients. We apply the latest technology of 3D beam scanners in Invisalign treatment. We also provide you with a comfortable, safer, and result-oriented treatment.

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