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In today’s day and age, when every other SEO blog has repeated the importance of SEO, you don’t run into bosses who are unwilling to invest in SEO. Most bosses take the initiative to invest in SEO and also offer their team adequate training to excel in SEO. But you wouldn’t be here reading this if your boss fell in that category. There can be many reasons why an organization or leadership refuses to invest in SEO. It could be past experiences, lack of interest, or the fact that they believe the business has nothing to gain from investing in SEO. If your boss is something similar to this, you have come to the right place. We have all had our share of stubborn bosses, and here are a few tips to help you convince yours.

Pitch the outcome:

The first step is to make your boss see the outcome of investing in SEO. Most bosses are numbers driven and want to see a direct correlation between their investment and the ROI. You need to be very clear about what results you expect from SEO, whether it is an increase in organic traffic, leads, or sales. Focus on how SEO will help the business reach its goals. You must also be as close to the exact numerical value as possible.

Explain your logic:

Why do you want your boss to invest in SEO? What is the reasoning behind it? You need to make a strong argument for why SEO will be beneficial for the business. Try to address all their concerns and reservations about SEO. Remember, you are trying to change their perception of SEO and not just get them to invest in it.

Provide evidence:

The next step is to provide evidence that backs up your claim. Show your boss case studies of businesses in a similar industry that have benefited from SEO investing. If possible, try to find examples of businesses in a similar situation as your company before they started investing in SEO. This will help your boss see that there is real potential here and that other companies have been able to achieve success with SEO.

Make a solid roadmap:

Jumping into SEO without a plan will not get you very far. You need to have a reliable roadmap in place that outlines the steps you need to take to achieve your desired results. This roadmap should be based on your industry research and your website’s current state. Be sure to include a timeline for each task so your boss can see how long it will take to see results.

Talk about the figures:

There aren’t many things that are more important to a business than figures. You need to talk about the figures involved in SEO, such as the cost of hiring an seo agency or investing in tools. You must also show them how much you can save by investing in SEO. For example, if your website is not optimized for mobile, you could lose out on a lot of traffic and potential customers.

Get buy-in from other departments:

It is important to get buy-in from other departments before you start working on your SEO strategy. This is because SEO requires a lot of coordination between different departments, such as marketing, sales, and IT. If you can get these departments on board, it will be easier to convince your boss to invest in SEO.

Find the right SEO partner:

Last but not least; you need to find the right SEO partner to help you implement your strategy and achieve your desired results. Be sure to research and choose a company with a proven track record of success.

Be prepared for questions:

Last but not least, you need to be prepared for questions from your boss. They are likely to have many questions about SEO, and you need to be able to answer them all confidently. Before going into this meeting, be sure to do your research and know everything there is to know about SEO. This way, you can answer any question they throw at you.

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Dispelling myths and tackling misconceptions:

An important part of convincing your boss to invest in SEO is dispelling myths and misconceptions about the practice. Many people still believe that SEO is a scam or is not worth the investment. You need to be able to address these concerns and show your boss that SEO is a legitimate practice that can produce real results.

The last thing you need to convince your boss about is that SEO isn’t a one-time investment like most other marketing campaigns. It is an ongoing process that requires continuous effort and monitoring. You need to explain that SEO results take time but are long-lasting and sustainable once achieved. When discussing with your boss, ensure you know where they are coming from and behaving the way they do.

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