How to Get the Best Out of Your Guitars

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Guitars are some of the most popular music instruments across the world. They have gained popularity over many decades being some of the most screened instruments as well. World popular guitarists and bands have made the instrument even more loved and wanted by the masses. If you can find a quality guitar, it is essential to make it perform best for the longest time possible.

The Gibson, Guild, Seagull, Ovation, Washburn, Fender and all other popular guitars are also quite expensive. A quality guitar costs a pretty penny and there is no doubt about that. To get the best out of your guitar, you need to care for it. There are many things you can do to make it perform best for a long time. Here are some techniques you should be following:

Keep Them Covered or Boxed When Not Being Played

Guitars are only played for an hour or two daily. That too by enthusiasts only. Regular players or experts might not even touch their guitars for a while. For all that time guitars are not played, they can easily catch dust. This collected dust can then block their moving parts causing compromised sounds.

It is best to keep your guitar covered or boxed when not being played. If you get a quality Lute guitar for sale, it should come with its very own storage box. Guitar boxes are available separately if you lose or damage your first one as well. 

If you don’t have a box for it, be sure to al least cover it with anything you can find. Wrap it properly so no dust can enter at any time. Dust and rust can make guitars lose their sound quality. Expensive guitars should always be stored covered away from dust and moisture.

Regular Maintenance for the Wooden Materials Is Needed

Although wood is very durable and long lasting, it does sustain damage. Wear and tear can cause wood to lose its looks and functionality. The wooden soundbox is very important along with the handle for any quality guitar. It is important to maintain all the woody parts of your guitar.

Guitar goes very well with the likes of the Irish Bodhran drum. The two complement each other very nicely. If you want your guitar to keep sounding great, it is important to maintain it properly too. Repair any damaged wooden bits. Make it look good for it to sound good.

The soundboard is primarily responsible for the sound of the guitar. Make sure there are no damaged woods on any of its sides. Cracked woods can cause the sound to distort. Repair whatever needs fixing quickly without the need to replace the guitar.

Keep Replacing Broken or Faulty Strings Quickly

Strings on the best of guitars can also break or produce unwanted sounds. Regular playing can make guitar strings lost their firmness. This is why expert players and musicians always keep spare strings on them when travelling. Replacing strings before they completely break or get damaged is always great.

Check the quality of your strings frequently. Check strings individually for consistency. There are ways recommended when it comes to checking your guitar strings. Even if only a single string isn’t producing the required sound, make sure to replace it quickly.

Good quality guitars come with additional strings. Replace them as soon as you spot a problem. This can boost the life of your guitar without the need for quick swapping or replacement. Strings don’t cost much on their own. Be sure to replace damaged or broken ones for best sound output.

Clean It, Polish It, Wax It – It Deserves the Treatment

Your guitar is a tool that pleases you and everyone you play it for. Why not keep it looking good as it much deserves! Cleaning a guitar is a complete process in its own. You need to make it last longer. Cleaning it professionally will help with that and more.

Start by wiping all of its sides with a microfiber cloth. Use microfiber cloth. Normal cloth can put scratches on the guitar. Use some type of wood surface cleaner as well. Once that is done, move to polishing the guitar. Put a thin layer of polish on all of its sides.

Having cleaned and polished it, might as well protect it too. Put a layer of wax on it. Do so in small circular motions. Make sure the wax gets everywhere. It will protect the polish, paint and finish on your guitar. Use a quality polish and wax for the job as your guitar deserves the treatment.

Make a Dedicated Storage or Display Place for It

No guitar deserves to be thrown away in the closet or on any shelf. You should always make a dedicated storage or display place for it. Make sure to put in the work for your guitar for it to pay back with quality sounds. Throwing it under or over other belongings can damage the strings or its wood box.

If you have a display showcase for your instruments, they will live there quite nicely. If not, dedicate a storage place where nothing else gets stored at all. Keep your guitar safe for it to be sounding for a long time. This will help it last longer while looking great and producing the music you expect from it.

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