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Choosing to visit a spa is a great way to experience relaxation and luxury, and with locations all over the country, you can choose from a range of stunning surroundings, and high-quality treatments. Spa breaks are a perfect way to treat yourself, your partner or your friends, and there are even ways that you can be mindful of the environment whilst taking advantage of pure tranquillity. Don’t let worrying about the planet ruin your relaxing break, there are ways that you choose an eco-friendly spa day. Read on to find out more!

Stay local

If you want the luxury of a spa day but you want to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum, you could look for spas around your area so that you don’t have to drive long distances to get there. There are so many spas to choose from all over the country, so there is likely to be a great option on your very own doorstep. You can choose from spas in the countryside, or in the city. And just because it’s close to home, that doesn’t mean you won’t get the full experience. Going into a spa will transport you to another world, no matter where you are.

Choose natural treatments

If you’re conscious of being more eco-friendly, choosing a spa that provides all-natural treatments is the best option. Before you decide where you would like to go, research the treatments that the spa has to offer, so you can be sure that they won’t be using any harsh chemicals or ingredients. Look for vegan treatments that are cruelty-free, as well as plant-based treatments that are kind to the environment.

How can spas be more eco-friendly?

There are a few changes that spas could make so that their environment and treatments are more eco-friendly, simple ways that could change the impact that they have on the planet, such as:

  • Lighting: Spas are serene places that are used for relaxation, and lighting plays an important part when it comes to setting the scene. Switching to energy-saving light bulbs means thatspas could reduce energy usage as well as bills.
  • Save water: Spas that include pools, steam rooms and hot tubs will all use a lot of water but installing water-conservative shower heads and low-flow sinks and toilets can help to reduce overall water wastage.
  • Non-toxic cleaning materials: Spas are open to the public, so they need to be cleaned to a high standard to provide a luxury experience. Some cleaning products are dangerous to the environment because of the chemicals they use. Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products means that spas will be able to make a change for the better.

Benefits of creating an eco-friendly spa environment

With many of us becoming more aware of the impact we have on the planet, people will be looking for ways in which they can reduce their impact on the environment whether that’s within their own homes, or in this case, with the trips that they take. Creating an eco-friendly spa means that locations are more likely to attract like-minded people, and they will appeal to others that may not have visited in the past, but enjoy the fact that the spa has created a sustainable environment to relax in.

 Not only will it help to attract new customers but making the change to become more eco-friendly often means that spas can save money. Saving water and switching to energy-saving lightbulbs means that they won’t have to pay as much when it comes to energy usage. An eco-friendly spa allows visitors to relax and gives them peace of mind that they are not harming the environment.

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